Valentine’s Pancake Breakfast this Sunday

The ladies' bonspiel is scheduled to start today, so the concession will be open and ready to serve you a great meal.

RUMSEY RECORD —┬áThe ladies’ bonspiel is scheduled to start today, so the concession will be open and ready to serve you a great meal while you sit and enjoy some good curling out on the ice. Thursday night will be Rumsey’s infamous Oyster night when you can enjoy oysters and/or steak with baked potato, salad and your choice of delicious homemade desserts. Next week, the mixed doubles will be going from Thursday to Saturday, so if that interests you then sign up with Brooks and Jackie Watts. Winter flies by when you join in with the community fun.

Diane McBride phoned me to share the wonderful news of the arrival of their first grandbaby. Holly and Sam had a beautiful baby girl on Jan. 29. She weighed just over six pounds, (sorry I didn’t write the exact weight) and was graced with the name of Kennedy Anne. She will be enjoyed by her two wonderful sets of grandparents, Phil and Diane McBride from Rumsey and Warren and Emily Clark of Boswell, B.C. Holly and Sam and their little one presently make their home in Calgary. Congratulations, you two.

Dave and Donna Sengaus are very happy to announce that they have become grandparents to a beautiful baby girl named Isabelle Mary. She was born on Wednesday, Feb 3 to Devon and Nadine. She was 7 lbs, 6 oz with lots of black hair. Nadine’s parents Dale Becker and Tina Becker join in on this congratulations

B.J. Avramenko stopped by the library with the celebratory news of their daughter Tataina. She has won two gold medals at Hammerfeast, which is a competition in Tae Kwon Do; a practice of Korean martial arts. The first medal was won for her sparring and the second for forms. Her division of competition is red stripe (or belt). She has three more steps to complete before starting her final levels towards black belt. Congratulations, Tatiana, for your dedication to a sport you obviously love.

Marilyn Trentham sent along news that the Morrin Lions are once again holding a Valentine’s Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, Feb 14 from 9 a.m. until noon. Entrance is by donation and all the donations will be given to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. We will offer receipts for those wishing one. We will have flowers for the ladies and Valentine’s for the kids to make. Bring out the whole family for this fun event.

The news on the drop-in remains at a standstill as the decision was made at the closure meeting to ask a building inspector to come in and assess the health of the building as it stands now. If there is enough good news, then the parties interested will meet again to decide if it would be worth fixing the roof and patching up the water damage inside. Now that word has spread about the impending closure of the drop-in, more people have come forward to express interest in it staying open; so hopefully with community support, we can look at keeping it open after word from the inspector. We will wait and see.

I’ll close with a couple thoughts:

“All my life I thought air was free until I bought a bag of chips,” and “The hardest job ever must be working in a bubble factory; imagine the self-control needed…”

Have a great week.