Upcoming shower for Rumsey resident – Rumsey Record

Monday, May 16, the ladies from the district travelled to Trochu to host the monthly birthday party at St. Mary’s Health Care Center. Pat Hatt was the hostess and with her group of helpers served everyone birthday cake and ice cream. Those folks having birthdays in May are Florence Clemmins, Elsie Painter and Elsie Elvin. Each birthday person received a small gift courtesy of the Rumsey Ag Society which funds the gifts for the residents. Marian Stiekle and her group, ”Memory Lane” was on hand to play wonderful music for everyone’s enjoyment. There were over fifty people enjoying the birthday party that day. Donna Sengaus will be the hostess for the month of June, Monday June 20 when Ray Duft and Bob Smith from Elnora will be on hand to entertain with music and singing.

Anyone wishing to donate to the good wishes for Chris Gerdung who plans to be married at the Devonian Gardens, May 28th. This monetary gift will be in lieu of a community shower. Please contact Linda Helmer, or Dianna McBride prior to May 26.

There will be a community shower for Marci Anderson on June 16th at 7:30 p.m. in the Rumsey community hall as she plans her wedding day for this summer to Jerritt Nemetz from Stettler. Marci has her post graduate education now and is teaching in the Big Valley school.

There were some folks who couldn’t go to Margaret Burnett’s 90th birthday party on May 14 due to other commitments, so on Tuesday, May 17, some of those ladies went to Drumheller and took Margaret out for lunch. Her birthdate is May 16. We had a lovely lunch and a very nice visit. We also got to see her huge bouquet of ninety red and white roses that she received from her family at her party.

On May 19, the wind finally died down for a while. Seeding is in full swing in the area and the little bit of rain that we received last night was just enough to settle the dust and mellow up the hard ground.