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Time for writing tests

The annual Night of the Bands concert was held on June 3 and it was a huge success for all the bands and Mr. Rahn.

by Caitlin Forseth and Holly Blackmore

The annual Night of the Bands concert was held on June 3 and it was a huge success for all the bands and Mr. Rahn. The PAC played host to this fantastic event and it was great to see all the people who came out to hear how much progress all the bands made this year.

SMS also held their track and field event on June 3. The weather was amazing and the athletes were even more amazing. There were numerous records broken this year in different events.

In shot put, Robert Mbongalonzi in the Grade 7 boys event and Kayla Myshaniuk in the Grade 8 girls event overtook the best distances and in high jump, Austin Stalberg in the Grade 6 boys event has the new record height. In the running events, both Robert Mbongalonzi and Noah McKay beat the previous record in the Grade 7 200 meter event, while Delaney Anderson, Daniel Moon, Noah McKay and Robert Mbongalonzi took the record time in the boys Grade 7 relay event and Kassy Diegel, Baileigh Sorenson, Noah McKay and Robert Mbongalonzi beat the record in the Grade 7 mixed relay event.

The day was a huge success and we wish all the athletes the best when they compete against other schools in our division in C.A.R.A.

The Grade 6 students went on their year-end field trip to Wetaskiwin on May 27 to tour the Reynolds-Alberta Museum. They had a great time going through the museum looking at different types of planes and cars. While there, they reviewed their units in science of Air and Aerodynamics and Flight. They took part in rocket experiments and had a game show. Everyone had a great time.

Students in grades 7B and 7D also went on their yearend field trip to Drumheller on May 27. They went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. The Grade 7A and 7C classes had already gone on their trip earlier this month.

Not only did the students explore the museum and learn about the past, they also studied the strata (layers of sedimentary rock) and the surrounding hoodoos while hiking on trails in the valleys surrounding the museum. It was a fascinating experience.

The Grade 8 students recently arrived back from their annual leadership camp. No one can say that it was uneventful. Unfortunately, a flu bug made its way around camp, but it didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the overall experience.

Climbing the mountain on the hike was fun, but it wasn’t an easy task. During their trek, they saw a sun dance hut and a homemade steam room built by the first nations. Everyone stopped for lunch on top of a ridge and was able to take in the amazing views of the mountains and landscapes. Some people also went on a mountain bike ride amongst hoodoos, while others went canoeing on Fish Lake. It was a great experience and many memories were made to last a lifetime.

Stettler Middle School is hosting a talent show this year and it will take place this Friday. Mrs. Erickson has been busy organizing this fun event. There are all kinds of entries such as comedy routines, singing, playing musical instruments, tae kwon do, trick roping, and much more. The performances will take place after lunch in the PAC.

The last C.I.A. lunch of the year will be held this Friday in the gym. Those who received recognition for demonstrating one or more of the 7 Habits will be invited to enjoy a tasty meal.

Nearing the end of June means final exams and P.A.T.s are around the corner. The Grade 6 students write the following P.A.T.s on the assigned dates: language arts on June 18, math on June 19, science on June 20 and social studies on June 23. Grade 7 and 8 students write their final exams as outlined: math on June 20, language arts on June 23, science on June 24, and social studies on June 25. We wish all the students the most success on the writing of their exams.

Upon completion of the school year, students will be able to pick up their report cards on June 27 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. It’s been a busy June and before you know it summer will be upon us!