Thanks to Mr. Downey for the ducks

1999 – 10 YEARS AGO

• A marketing report for the Town of Stettler recommends that the town hire a full-time economic development officer. Between 1989 and 1994, Stettler had an economic development officer with an annual budget of $100,000 but was discontinued when the economic development board concluded that the end results didn’t justify the cost, states the plan.

1989 – 20 YEARS AGO

• Norma Rairdan and Kathy Rairdan are the new owners of Stettler Flower Shop and they invite everyone to attend their grand opening Oct. 19. There will be free roses for the first 100 customers and many in-store specials.

• Certainly a parent want to be “liked”, but lack of discipline penalties, the child and creates a situation that later in life will be most difficult. Love in abundance is no substitute for discipline. – Brooks Bulletin.

1979 – 30 YEARS AGO

• The Village of Donalda has recently received approval from the local authorities board to finance a proposed museum and village office complex. A scale model of the facility is now on display for viewing in the Donalda village office.

• Fire has destroyed the building of Les Parcels Trucking east of the Stettler community centre.

1969 – 40 YEARS AGO

• The Thespian Society of William E. Hay Composite High School in Stettler staged a production of Agatha Christie’s play “The Mousetrap” under the direction of Mrs. Brayton. Each player was excellent in his own right and a great deal of credit for the success of the play must be given to the backstage people.

• Relax, girls. Technology poses no threat to those who can type, take shorthand and perform other office duties. Despite copying machines, dictating equipment and automatic typewriters, a recent study shows a need for secretaries well into the mid-1970s.

1959 – 50 YEARS AGO

• A good number of Stettler young people attended the second annual central Alberta football rally in Red Deer where Carol Adams of Stettler was named Miss Cheerleader 1959. The evening ended with a sock-hop in Memorial Center gym.

• This is National Newspaper Week. It comes right between National Fire-Prevention Week and National Cat Week. That will be symbolic of something. – Bill Smiley.

1949 – 60 YEARS AGO

• Gravelling has been completed on the new highway between Lacombe and Alix. This highway is one of the best in the province and it is said that it will be blacktopped next year.

• Conveniently located in Big Valley, the Valley Store is jam-packed with magazines, stationery, novelties and gifts. Managed by Mrs. Burnstad since May 1947, this popular store also carries a selection of remedies and patient medicines.

1939 – 70 YEARS AGO

• Young ladies of the Castor community organized a Junior Red Cross Society with Miss Anna Just as president and Miss Violet Davidson as secretary-treasurer. They are busy knitting socks, wristlets and pullover sweaters for enlisted men in war.

• Stettler Independent is indebted to Mr. F. D. Downey for two ducks, obtained on one of his hunting trips. If he can raid some potato patches during his trips around the county, we would be glad to handle a bushel of this rare vegetable.

1929 – 80 YEARS AGO

• Stettler Independent has installed a new font of matts for its Linotype known as Ionic No. 5 with bold face. It is the latest development in readable type and can be read without spectacles.

1919 – 90 YEARS AGO

• St. George’s Anglican Church was tastefully decorated for the Harvest Festival services last Sunday. Mrs. Adshead gave a violin solo, the Erskine Choir sang two anthems and Mr. L. C. Harry presided at the organ.

• The seventh annual teachers’ convention was held at Stettler School and was undoubtedly the most successful of the entire series. The convention was attended by 87 teachers out of a total of 102.

1909 – 100 YEARS AGO

• A Masque Carnival was held in the roller rink at Stettler with good attendance. Costumes were many and varied and the antics of the skaters caused much amusement. Prizes were awarded to Miss McNevin dressed as a cowgirl and Mr. Parker as a Spanish toredor.