Surprise party for Van Stratens

Several residents have returned from warmer climates.

Several residents have returned from warmer climates. Ray and Rene Blackmore are home from Peurto Vallarta, as are Don and Elsie Yates. We hope they brought the warm sunshine with them.

Get well wishes to Bryce Mailer who is home and doing much better. To Dale Nichols in Red Deer hospital; and Barb Carey who is in hospital in Edmonton. As well as Diane Stewart in Calgary.

A surprise 40th anniversary party was held Saturday February 16 for Dale and Eldon Van Straten at the Botha Community Hall. The family were able to successfully keep it a surprise and Dale and Eldon enjoyed an evening of dancing and visiting. From farther away were cousins DeLoyce and Bob Burns, Dale’s aunt Pearl Shearer and friend Ken all from Red Deer as well as Dale’s uncle Alvin and Rose Shearer of Medicine Hat.

Alvin and Rose stayed overnight Saturday with Percy and Paulette then over to Dale and Eldon’s Sunday/Monday.

I’m happy to report no serious injuries occurred on Friday when one of our county buses collided with a truck a few miles west of us, between Botha and Gadsby. Two children were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

There was a good number of players at the Bank Building in Gadsby on Saturday night for bingo. And … congratulations to Connie Anderson who took home the $127 loonie pot. The next bingo will be March 16 and will be a cash and ham bingo. The loonie pot will start at $50 plus what comes in that night. Hope to see you there.

The Gadsby District Hobby Club is looking for contractors to work on the north wall of the Bank Building. Please contact either Velvet at 403 574 0000 or Paulette at 403 574 2442.

Our annual May garage sale is in the planning stage. Anyone wishing to join in, please contact myself at 403 574 2442. It is held at the Botha Community Hall. Set up is May first, sale runs May 2,3, and 4.

Word has come of the passing of Eldon Norton. His wife Margaret (Baker) was born and raised in Gadsby. Eldon was seventy years of age and had been on dialysis for some time. We send our sympathies to Margaret and family.