Summer vacation is approaching

Summer holidays are fast approaching and many of SES's annual June traditions are underway.

Summer holidays are fast approaching and many of SES’s annual June traditions are underway. One tradition, the Stettler Public Library Summer Program presentation took place this week. Shaun Ross and Maggie Orlick presented an informative overview of the library’s summer program to each class. The students enjoyed the musical bananas and stories the duo shared with them and were motivated to participate in the summer program. Thank you to the Shaun and Maggie for sharing the summer program information in such an entertaining way.

June, perhaps more than any other month, is a time when students are encouraged to evaluate goals they have set for themselves. Ms. Limpert’s Grade 1 students have been reflecting on a goal they set earlier this year. Each student had a goal of reading 100 or more books. To help them reach the goal, the students have been practicing their reading skills by taking home “Good Fit Books” every night. As a result, every student achieved their goal and is now a member of the 100 Book Club. The students and Ms. Limpert are going to celebrate with an ice cream sundae party. Congratulations!

Ms. Nielsen’s and Mrs. Potter’s Grade 4 students have been gathering information about their ancestors in preparation for a presentation about their own family history. The students are finding it fascinating to see where their ancestors came from, why they came to Canada, how they got here, and what they brought with them from the old countries. The presentations are nearly ready for sharing. Everyone is anxious to see the results of the research.

Ms. Watts’ Grade 4 students have been having fun getting their hands dirty while creating paper mâché birds in art. The birds are quickly taking shape. The structures are complete, the base coat of paint has been applied, and the students are looking forward to adding the final details. We are all looking forward to seeing the results of these creative artists.

Mrs. Fox’s Grade 5 class, along with Ms. Nielsen’s and Mrs. Potter’s Grade 4 class, are learning how to weave in art. The students are creating small woven mats to take home. They are proud of the fabulous job they are doing on their colourful projects.

Thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Bruketa, Stettler Elementary School was awarded a complimentary Golden Ticket Handwriting without Tears training session in Calgary for several teachers; one teacher representative from kindergarten through Grade 3 attended the session on Saturday. Handwriting without Tears is a printing and cursive writing program that has been used in SES for a number of years. The HWT curriculum is designed to support students as they work toward mastery of printing and writing. It is a proven method that supports both students who struggle with fine motor skills as well as those who are just simply learning to print or write for the first time. Teachers were pleased with the training session and delighted to be given a number of free resources. No profession treasures free resources quite the same as teachers.

As swimming lessons come to a close for the year, track days and filed trips are all the buzz! For example, the Grade 4/5 track meet is scheduled for June 18. Mrs. Poapst has ordered perfect weather for the day and all of the other outdoor yearend activities, but remember, we do live in Canada so dressing in layers, bring a water bottle, sun screen and maybe just to be safe, keep a winter parka handy. Our supportive parents have stepped up once again to lend a helping hand as track meet and field trip days become reality. Thank you to our awesome parents!