Summer student needed

How one drunk driver can destroy so much in our small village.

How one drunk driver can destroy so much in our small village: On Friday, May 30, a female driver under the influence destroyed the foot bridge at the “Lamp Park” very fortunate no one was injured, as there were approximately 14 young people in the park at the time. The world’s largest lamp was built all by volunteers, a shame that so much damaged can be done by one person in a vehicle.

Now the work begins to clean up. On the positive, we will recover and no one was hurt.

June 28 is fast approaching, so hope all you car buffs have your cars polished up and able to attend the third annual Show & Shine, kicking off with a pancake breakfast at 8 a.m. at the Lamp Park.

The Donalda Art Gallery is looking for a summer student, must be 15 to 30 years of age being a full time student and returning to school next year. The job would include being an ambassador to the Village of Donalda, upkeep of gardens in the park, grass cutting, meet and greet at the gallery, covering also at the museum. You may send your resume to or email for more information.

The Donalda Museum is looking for homestead information and pictures, if you have a story to tell and pictures that you would like to share, please drop off at the Donalda Museum, or email to Thank you.

Birthday greetings go out to Alan Fisher, Jason Tantrum, Kelley Lynne Andres, Kelly Sutton, Lynda Jaffray, Adam Volker, Amy Smith, Rachel Dietrich, Kara Wilkie, Rylan Salmon, Cam Nixon, Gina Hurren, Kyle Foot and anyone else celebrating this week.

Happy Birthday!