Student-led conferences a success

This is how we did it -- Madison Jarmin (centre) shows mom

This is how we did it -- Madison Jarmin (centre) shows mom

Christ-King Chronicle

On Wednesday, March 16, parents and grandparents were led through the learning going on in the classrooms of Christ King students.

From 5 o’clock until 7 p.m., the doors of Christ King were open to welcome family members. They gained a glimpse of student achievements and projects still underway, including everything from learning letters in kindergarten to amazing artwork in junior high. In the Grade 2 classroom, students demonstrated their SmartBoard knowledge and Grade 3-4s showed off their scientific savvy with vehicles they had designed and constructed in their building devices and vehicles that move unit.

In Grade 5-6 class, students enjoyed sharing their sense of humour and original poems entitled “I can’t write a poem”. It was another successful student-led conference with many parents and relatives coming out to encourage their children.

St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated at Christ King with some fun and games. Rumour has it that leprechauns left gold in the Kindergarten and Grade 1 class. They left a note to entice the children to find their pot of gold. It turned out, though, that they were being led on a wild treasure hunt. After running after many clues, the children finally found the pot of gold hidden under a rainbow in the snow. Teachers planned a green day for snack, so the kids enjoyed green food and drinks. Children learned the story of St. Patrick earlier in the week and watched a movie about the life of the patron saint of Ireland.

The rest of the school was challenged to wear as much green as they could, with and “extreme green” prize handed out for wearing the most green.

Despite the freshly fallen snow, the Grade 3 and 4 class is planting a garden to commemorate the first day of spring. We are building our earth-boxes and planting lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs like parsley, thyme, oregano and rosemary to grow indoors. When we harvest, we’ll have a delicious salad. We’re very excited about it.

Please feel free to join us on Mondays in Lent at 12:30 p.m. for our weekly Lenten liturgies. We are planning to join Christ King Parish for mass followed by a hot lunch of soup on a Friday during Lent as well. Stay tuned for more details.