Still lots of time to join 4-H

Well, winter isn't here yet and that makes me very happy. We have been very fortunate to enjoy a long fall.

Well, winter isn’t here yet and that makes me very happy. We have been very fortunate to enjoy a long fall giving the farmers the chance to complete their harvest work. I am sure you will be passing a few cow herds in the next few weeks are the ranchers start to migrate their herds closer to home and onto swath grazing or fall pastures.

With that in mind, the Fall Supper is fast approaching. Don’t miss out on a great meal at the Rumsey Community Hall on Nov. 7 starting at 5 p.m. I hope we will have good weather on that day as well. This is a community donated meal meaning everyone brings something and the options are as varied as they are delicious.

The Rumsey/Rowley 4-H Beef Club have had their re-organizational meeting this past week, but that doesn’t mean you are out of luck for joining in if you have a child who will be nine years old as of January 1 of the current year. It is a great organization that give the kids lots of learning experiences and grows their confidence like nothing else. If your nine-year- old is brave enough to lead a 1300 pound steer into a show ring in front of hundreds of people, then they have the confidence to take on just about anything. Give Jill and Kent Holowath a call at 403-368-3733 if you are interested in signing up.

Hockey, volleyball and football are well under way at the various schools and arenas in the area. Let me know how things are going, I would love to put that into this column.

The Rumsey Community Library 2016 Calendar will be arriving soon and we have 13 beautiful pictures to display in your home for the coming year if you are interested. They will be on sale in November for $15 each and all the money goes to support your local library. Stop by on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and see what is happening. Libraries are not just books anymore. There are so many e-resources available that can all be accessed from your home computer that you hardly have to darken my door to benefit from all that the Alberta Library Consortium has to offer.

With the advent of technology, we are required to remember so many passwords, I thought this quote was pretty appropriate: I changed my password to “incorrect” so that whenever I forget what it is, my computer says, “your password is incorrect.”

Have a great week.