Stettler elementary students learn about First Nations culture

By Amore du Toit

The next few weeks are a very busy time for the music classes in Stettler Elementary School.

The Grade 1 and 2 students are eager to begin work on their Christmas musical, which we will presented Dec. 14 and 15. It is entitled, “Elvis and the Elves – All Shook Up!”

Over the next six weeks, students will be kept busy rehearsing their lines and creating and/or learning the songs, dances and accompanying choreography, and in some classes, even designing their own costumes for the show. The gym was decorated for our Halloween dance at noon on Wednesday. The dance was well attended by K-5. Intramurals for the month of October were soccer games and Halloween games. The month of November will feature volleyball intramurals.

We will be starting a dance club on Wednesday in the morning recess for students in grades three to five this month.

All Grade-4 students have just finished building their own tipis. We learned about First Nations symbols before decorating our own tipi and assembling them. We would like to thank the Stettler Town and Country Museum and Wilda Gibbon for lending us some artifacts which have made our First Nations unit very exciting.

Our students are thankful and blessed to live in a community where community members and organizations are so willing to help make education come alive. This makes learning real fun. The museum let us look at part of their arrowhead, hammerhead and hand-beading collection. To see is to believe and we are making Alberta’s history come alive.

1MS was pleasantly surprised on Tuesday morning when their high school reading buddies showed up with Halloween coloring books for each of the students. The coloring books were a huge hit and the students loved them. The class brainstormed different ideas on how to thank their buddies. The chapter book 1MS is currently reading is a mystery about a missing “lollipop tree”. The class thought it would be fun to make a lollipop tree for their reading buddies. The tree looked great. 1MS had fun sneaking down to the high school and surprising their buddies with the snack. We are thankful for all our high school buddies.

Mrs. Chapman’s Grade 4 students just finished creating jack-o-lanterns from milk jugs in art. The students were thrilled with their results and are pleased to take their friendly little pumpkins home with them. All students had a friendly fun dress in orange or wear a costume fun Friday, Nov. 30.

This week students and teacher alike get to learn more about the smart learning techniques. Our smart students and staff enjoy learning new things.