Stettler Elementary School has fun at science fair


Independent Reporter

Grade 5 students at the Stettler Elementary School got a well-deserved afternoon classroom break on Feb 18.

They could be found in the school hallways, proudly displaying their science projects to parents, school staff and other students during the 12th Stettler Elementary Science Fair.

“We are proud of all our students and of the effort they’ve put in,” said Rob Howell, Grade 5 science teacher.

“We think there are some really high-quality projects this year.”

To participate in the fair, students had to join the science fair club at the beginning of the school year.

This year, sixty students joined, which is about three quarters of the Grade five class.

They started working on their projects on Nov. 25. Some students worked in groups of two while others decided to be alone.

“The students worked on their projects during club time,” said Howell.

“We also spent a little bit of time in science class explaining some of the details that they had to know.

A lot of students worked on the projects on their own time.”

At the end of the fair, Howell and the other Grade five teachers chose the top ten projects to submit to the Central Alberta Regional Science Fair.

The winners are:

1) Sam Hamelin and James Switenky: “Amazing Hockey Sticks”

2) Cassidy Dubber and Rachel Vogel: “Caffeine Jolt”

3) Brody Anderson and Clayton Smith: “Toothpaste Conundrum”

4) Ariel Blackmore and Maddie Kuefleur: “Polish Power”

5) Avery Marko and Caitlin Forseth: “Super Tsunamis”

6) Riley Norman: “Going Bananas”

7) Jacqueline Foley and Abbey Collard: “Whose Tongue is Cleaner?”

8) Rachel Deaver : “The Heartbeat of Video Games”

9) Katanna Fillinger and Jaden Turner: “Water Power”

10) Maleigha Cox: “Fresh Facts”

“Last year our school had the best overall results against the top Grade 5 and 6 projects from across central Alberta,” said Howell.

“We expect our winners will compete at a high level again this year.”

The Central Alberta Regional Science Fair will take place on March 25 and 26 at the Bower Place shopping centre in Red Deer.