STARS ride in Rumsey turned out to be a huge success, half a million mark to be passed next year

The 21st annual Ride for STARS (Alberta Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society) is now history and it was another successful year. The total raised this year was $30,143.90. which is just wonderful. As breakdown goes: total pledges; $25,747.40, breakfast $783.50, t-shirt sales, $320, from the poker rally sales $406 goes to STARS, quilt raffle $990, supper $1,087, donation $1,300, plus other miscellaneous sales.

The 21 year total is $478,327.24 making it possible to make the half million mark in another year.

Prizes were awarded to: Ernie Goddard for highest pledge and he received an engraved belt buckle from the Rumsey Ag.Society, second highest pledge was won by Shirley Woods and she received a long oil slick rain coat from STARS.Third place pledge was won by Rosalie Macfarlane and she received a set of handmade pommel bags made by Ernie Goddard.

Three others brought in over $500: Colin Turigan, Lynn Tanner, Erin Thibeau.

The oldest rider this year was Bob Klassen at 79 years and he received a cash award from Jacqui Goddard, which he in turn donated back to STARS.

For the youngest rider title, there was a three-way tie among Tierran Lynch, Joel Howard, and Callie Corriveau with each sharing a cash award donated by Rosalie and John Macfarlane.

In the junior class; highest pledge was won by MacKenzie Anderson, who is 11 years old and received an engraved belt buckle from Kanyon View Ranch, the Upton family; second highest pledge was won by Corbyn Stoneman, 7 years old, and received his award from Heavy Metals Auto Wreckers; winning third place was Nicole Hiron 11 years old and she received her award from the Yale Hotel in Trochu.

Poker hand winners were; Denise Daniels, Darren Stoneman, Donna Sengaus. The lucky winner of the quilt raffle was Larry Macey, Stettler, steam train tickets for two, Trevor Newton, Rumsey, Sobey’s gift certificate, Angela Richmond, Stettler, and $100 gift certificate from Mark Notland of Sears in Drumheller, Shelley Grover Stettler.

During the presentations, a guest speaker, Chrissy McDougal of Drumheller told the story of her life being saved by STARS some six years ago. She owes her life to STARS and is a very grateful survivor.

The STARS committee of the Rumsey AG. Society would like to express many thanks to anyone and everyone who had anything to do with making this ride the success that it was today.

If anyone has any suggestions for making this day a better one, please call and we will discuss it at the next meeting which will be held in the next few days.

Keep in mind the 66th annual flower show coming up on Aug. 25.

Refer to last week’s column for more details for the show.

Good news is that Marie Hampton has moved and now is a resident of Sunshine Lodge in Drumheller. Congratulations, Marie. We wish you the best in your new home.

Last Wednesday, at the drop-in, the jackpot was won by Russel Steen and Lois Kiemele. The pot starts again now with and increase in value of one dollar per week.