Spring-like weather has given us a break from winter

Spring-like weather and record-breaking temperatures have helped to shorten the winter months.

GADSBY/WESTWOODS NEWS — Spring-like weather and record-breaking temperatures helped to shorten the winter months and has given us a much-needed break from the cold winter. But, with so much melting, watch out for ice as the cooler days come again.

Another way to shorten the winter is visiting and playing cards. Percy and I headed down to Bill and Joyce Hansel’s, the girls still on the winning side of 500.

Velvet Nickerson’s brother Ben spent overnight with Velvet. He is from B.C. and had to wait several hours coming through the pass as winter weather and avalanches were closing roads. Velvet and Ben had brunch with Haley the next day before Ben headed back home to Kimberley, B.C.

We welcome Marcell Jacques who, along with his dog Blu, has moved into Gadsby recently. He is originally from Marysville, B.C. Marcell is Kerri Pothier’s uncle.

Get well wishes to Joey Prillar who is in Calgary hospital, recovering from a badly, vertical broken leg and consequent surgery to implant several metal rods.