Spring has yet to arrive, and it will be a wet one when it finally comes

Erskine Enquirer

The snow kept coming and coming.

We thought spring had sprung but the snow wasn’t done with us quite yet.

It’s going to be a very wet spring. Roads south of Erskine were shut down last week due to the Erskine lake flowing over them. Many other roads were just too low and turned into mud holes so they were also closed. Some became part of the sloughs that are growing everyday out in pastures and fields. My husband was hoping to get out in the fields this weekend but I don’t think that saturated ground is going to dry up anytime soon.

It’s a short work week for many people with Good Friday and then school students also have Easter Monday and PD Tuesday off too.

Erskine teachers will be having an in house PD session on Tuesday.

Erskine School Council will meet on April 28.

We have some birthdays coming up to send wishes to this week: Zach McCord April 20, Rodney Armstrong April 22, Caitlyn McKay April 25, and Darcy Pollock April 25.

Have a great Easter weekend.