Spring has finally sprung!


SMS Scoop

This past week Stettler Middle School has welcomed spring with a series of events at lunchtime.

These events consisted of a pie eating contest done by the team leaders Quinton Van Straten, Nicole Vanderlee, Garrett Burns, Dacia Gramlick, Dylan Humbke, Katherine Monaghan, Stefan Du Toit, and Morgan Van Dusen, a three-legged race, chug-a-lug, chariot races, wheel barrel races, and chicken fights.

All the events took place in the SMS gym except for the chug-a-lug, which took place out front on a gorgeous sunny day. The students enjoyed their races and had many laughs watching their team leaders shove their faces in the pie because as all great pie eating contests, NO HANDS!!!!!

On Monday May 2, the Grade 6 badminton team hosted a tournament with Big Valley and Erskine.

Along with the Grade 6 badminton tournament, there was also badminton CARA held in the Stettler school complex on Wednesday, May 4.

Here is a short poem that goes with the newly sprung spring weather. The grass is green, the birds are back, and there’s no more snow!

“If there comes a little thaw, still the air is chill and raw,

Here and there a patch of snow, Dirtier than the ground below,

Dribbles down a marshy flood; Ankle-deep you stick in mud in the meadows while you sing, “This is spring.”

– Christopher Pearce Cranch