Speakers of 4-H beef club looked very professional

Winter has been brief once again this past week with the warm weather rolling in on the weekend and promising to stay for the week.


Winter has been brief once again this past week with the warm weather rolling in on the weekend and promising to stay for the week. This may determine the cancelation of the Poker Rally that was scheduled for this coming Saturday. Unless it snows a foot during the week, I will venture to say that the snowmobiles will have to remain parked.

The women’s bonspiel was successfully concluded on Saturday with some good games. The winners are as follows: In the A event, Julie Primrose’s team won over her sister’s, Katie Primrose’s team to take first and second respectively. Third place went to Tracey Coveney’s team with fourth going to Joanne Schinnar. In the B event, first went to Dawn Wright’s team bumping Jill Holowath’s team into second place. Third in the B event went to Leah Watts team and fourth went to Norah Watts. In the C event, Marj Kiemele beat out Carolin Schofer for first place. Third in the C event went to Betty Primrose and Carol Wilkins walked away with fourth spot. Well done to all the curlers who came and enjoyed the week, the Ag Society appreciates your commitment to the great game of curling.

Next up on the Ag Society’s calendar will be the mixed doubles curling weekend. If you haven’t participated in this event before, it is a twist on the traditional game with only two curlers per team, one male, and one female. You play a shortened game with only six ends and you can choose whether to sweep the rock or not. To find out more about this fun event give Brooks and Jackie Watts a call at 403-368-2357.

The 4-H Beef Club held their speak-offs on Tuesday night with great results. Each and every child who spoke did so with practice and ease. All in all, they were very professional sounding, so it was a difficult job for us judges to come up with a winner. The winners of the juniors were 1st to Ryley Mappin, 2nd to Zoe Avramenko and 3rd to Blake Stoneman. In the intermediate category, 1st went to Amanda Holowath, 2nd went to Corbyn Stoneman and 3rd went to Noel Kiemele. Then in the seniors group, 1st went to Lowell Nelson, 2nd went to Mickey Johnson and 3rd went to Jordan Ferguson. There are 15 members in the club this year with five members in the juniors, five in the intermediate group, four in the seniors and one cleaver (underage member).

The Historical Society would like to remind everyone who hasn’t submitted their family story to please do as soon as you can, remember the deadline is June 30, but with spring approaching and the busy season of calving starting up, it may be best to get it done now. You can send in your story to Rumsey Historical Society, Box 62, Rumsey AB, T0J 2Y0 or rumseyhistoricalsociety@hotmail.com.

I will give you a riddle to share for the week:

Always old, sometimes new.

Never sad but sometimes blue, never empty, sometimes full.

Never pushes, always pulls.

What am I?

The Moon.

Enjoy and have a good week.