Smart learning is popular at SES

Creating awareness -– Sydney Poapst

Creating awareness -– Sydney Poapst


Elementary News

Brr! Yikes, seems like March is in like a lion so we hope it will be out like a lamb.

Our students have been lion-hearted in bracing the cold the past week. Teachers tried to generate some alternative activities during inside recess. One such activity was when Sandra Norman created a huge big cup stacking activity course for all four kindergarten classes. Students enjoyed building little cup towers and then moved onto the next station where they could do some physical activities like jumping jacks, hops, push ups and other physical activities. Kindergarten students were out of breath and smiling from ear to ear. The senior cup stacking club is still going strong. These great times have been recorded the past week: 3-3-3 Stack Maria Miller 3.51 sec3-6-3 Stack; Jacqueline Foley 5.38 sec. Cycle Stack champ is still Kaden Feddema at 13.30 sec. Not even the cold can break these nimble students’ speed. Way to go.

Rachelle van Ringen’s Grade 3 class welcomed and wowed Dr. Jim Parsons in their classroom on Friday, Feb. 18. Dr. Parsons is a professor at the University of Alberta and is a member of the University of Alberta AISI’s team. Mrs. van Ringen and Sonya Geddes guided the students through a smart learning lesson for Dr. Parsons to observe. The students were very excited and enthusiastic to demonstrate what smart learning looks like. They were even more thrilled with the feedback they received from Dr. Parsons.

Carmen Fox’s class has been learning about the Iditarod and is anxiously anticipating the beginning of the race which will begin on March 5 in Anchorage, Alaska. Our interest stems from a book entitled, Akiak, which we are using as a smart learning writing sequence. We will be keeping up to date on the race progression as we visit for the latest news.

Stettler Elementary students recently enjoyed a Bunraku puppet performance from the Edmonton Epilepsy Association. The puppet show helped our students learn more about what epilepsy is and how we can help our friends if they have seizures. We would like to thank Sydney Poapst in Grade 5 for helping Bonnie Lynn bring the puppets to Stettler Elementary School. Sydney was recently diagnosed with epilepsy, and she has been helpful about sharing her story and information with classmates. Our school would like to thank the Edmonton Epilepsy Association and the puppeteers for travelling to Stettler with this highly informational show.