Slave Lake relatives okay – Gadsby/Westwoods

Worried parents, Eleanor and Frank Dahlgren, waited by the phone for word from daughter Brenda and family who had to evacuate Slave Lake last Sunday. Finally the call came and everyone made it out O.K. Brenda told her mom how great everyone has been in Athabasca.

Happy 75th birthday goes out to Myrt Hoopfer. Myrt celebrated with her girls Cindy, Gale, Betty Lou and daughter-in-law Anne when they took her to Vegas for an extended weekend outing. No one was too lucky, but a fun way to celebrate.

Phase one has started. Ernie Gendre and his crew have begun digging in the sewer line for Gadsby. This is an ongoing project which will, when completed, be replete with life station and sewer line to every home.

Ray Blackmore celebrated his birthday with wife Rene, son Rob and good neighbour Ron Schwarzenberger by attending the CFCW appreciation concert featuring Lori Morgan, in Edmonton. It was a great evening.

The Gadsby Omega Circle ladies are looking for a guest speaker for the August 28 Decoration Day Service. Perhaps a young 4-H public speaker or someone a bit older who remembers when…Or maybe someone who just has something to say. Please contact Barb Carey at 403-574-2340 or Paulette at 403-574-2442. We would love to hear from you.

And don’t forget to page over to the garage sale listings. We have been busy getting ready for the weekend in Botha.