Shoeboxes are getting ready in preparation for Christmas season, drop-in- center needs help

Rain and snow mix over the weekend put yet another stall on harvesting.

Rain and snow mix over the weekend put yet another stall on harvesting.

Some of the smaller farmers are finished with the combining, but those having canola to harvest are still waiting for it to be ready. It has been said that a good rain will ripen off the canola seeds that are still green. Time will tell, I guess, as it is definitely raining today, Sunday.

The Christmas season is fast approaching and it’s time to think of others. Vi Aidie, Vivian and Ron Birch are heading up “Samaritan’s Purse” shoeboxes. Our community collected shoeboxes several years ago and maybe we could do this again. Anyone wishing to make up a shoebox could do so before Nov. 7, which is the date of the Rumsey fall supper. Vi Aidie has consented to come to the supper and pick up the boxes. Anyone from the Morrin area, if not otherwise doing this, can leave their boxes at the Morrin United Church before Nov. 1, which is a church Sunday. They will be picked up then and delivered to Vi. Hopefully by next week, I will have a list of suggested items to be included in the boxes.

Watch for other advertisements for “Samaritan’s Purse” in the papers.

Saturday, Nov. 14, area folks have a choice of entertainment. Trochu St. Mary’s are having a fundraiser in Trochu community hall and the same night, the Big Valley Elks Lodge is sponsoring Brent Kissell in the Big Valley hall for an evening of entertainment.

Contacts for tickets for St. Mary’s are Dariel McNaughton, 368-2120 or Pat Holowath 368-2344.

It’s the time of the year for fall suppers and Rumsey’s is Saturday, Nov. 7, as mentioned before.

Wednesday, Oct. 14, the Rumsey Drop-in Center is having a Thanksgiving dinner at noon. Please plan on coming out for dinner. Bring your favourite dish and join in the meal and entertainment. The drop-in center is in bad need of more insulation as what is there is estimated at an R1. Insulation could be added for a cost of $700, but the coffers in the bank isn’t enough for a major project. If anyone could see fit, come to the thanksgiving dinner and help out.

On the note of dinners at the drop-in, the date of the Christmas dinner is Wednesday, Dec. 16, so mark your calendar for that date. There will be entertainment after dinner also.

Sympathy from all of us in Rumsey to the families of Brian MacDermid and George Taylor as both men passed away this week.

Brian married a Rumsey girl many years ago, Kathy Kowalchuck, and they made their home in the Munson district, where they raised their three boys and one girl.

George and his wife Isabel lived in Rumsey for several years, having run the hotel and later the grocery store. They retired here and George was very active on village council during this time. When they left Rumsey, they moved to Michichi, where they lived closer to their daughter Doreen Nelson. Their two sons are Jim and Neil.