SES students stack up among the world’s best

We did it! Thanks in part to Stettler Elementary School, we can chalk up a new Guinness World Record

We did it! Thanks in part to Stettler Elementary School, we can chalk up a new Guinness World Record for “Most People Sport Stacking at Multiple Locations in One Day.” Our cup-stacking day last week was a success! Thanks again to Mrs. Andersson for organizing this fun event.

Our report cards were issued on Monday and our parent-teacher interviews were Wednesday and Thursday. Thanks, parents, for coming out.

The book fair has been a great success — lots of parents and students have been doing their Christmas shopping. Thanks to Mrs. Pinder, who has been busy all week running a fantastic Scholastic Book Fair!

Our Lost and Found was again placed in the entry by the office over the course of interviews. Any unclaimed clothing was bagged and sent to the Superfluity.

For the whole month of November, each pre-kindergarten child has enjoyed having a special guest (parent or otherwise) come in to spend one day with them at school.

The children have been delighted to share all of their daily activities (such as Circle Time, Gym, Snack, Craft and Centre Time) with their guest!

This month, we have been learning all about farm animals and activities through song, craft and games. One of the children’s favourites is to play an animal game of charades where they take turns acting as a farm animal and their friends have to guess what kind of animal they are. We have some very good actors in our class!

Also this month, the 3RV students have been trying “extra” hard to be peaceful citizens. Students have been recording good deeds they have done at home, school, or in the community and explaining how each good helped make it a more peaceful place.

Students have also been busy presenting their amazing treasure maps they created as their culminating project to their mapping unit. The 3RV class would like to welcome Erin Mercier and her family! We are glad to have you back in Stettler!

Grade 2SG earned its first Reading Party by reading 500 books as a class. The students used the pizza party they won from Terry Fox and watched a movie and had a lot of fun.

On Wednesday, Nov. 21, a few classes got together to sort and pack all of our Operation Christmas Child boxes. Christy Brennan came to facilitate this event and did a wonderful job. She got the students organized and all the boxes were packed and loaded in her car by the end of the day. It was a great success.

Thanks to all the generous families that donated, we were able to pack 137 boxes.

Coming up at the end of November, our choir will be singing at the Festival of Lights on Nov. 28 and we will have Hat Day on Nov. 30.

Cute quote of the week: A teacher is explaining to her class how to find their pulse. She asks the kids to put their fingers on their necks to feel for the light thumping when one little girl looks up with a look of concern and says, “I don’t think mine is turned on?”

Ah, kids say the darndest things.