Seniors’ Day marked in Gadsby

Mowing, trimming and mosquitoes! Are we ever happy?

GADSBY/WESTWOOD NEWS — Mowing, trimming and mosquitoes! Are we ever happy?

About 15 people attended the Seniors’ Day event at Heritage Place in Gadsby (old church building). Councillor Greg Jackson presented the fruit tray on behalf of the county and Village of Gadsby.

Found in the Heart Beat Stettler, June issue: “What local cowboy won the all around cowboy in 1947 and 1949 and was the bare back champion in 1954. The answer: Gadsby’s own Charlie Chick. Note: Charlie was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame, posthumously, in Calgary, with ceremony at the Ponoka Stampede a couple of years ago, to the delight of his family. We are proud to call Charlie one of our own.

Bill and Joyce Hansel took in the Stettler Steel Wheel Parade and Rodeo on Saturday then drove to Cadogan on Sunday to watch great granddaughter Cadee Trennery, who rode a sheep and took home a trophy (as did all the young contestants) . Although they missed the Saturday events in Cadogan, great grandchildren Bentley and Dustin participated as well,

On Saturday, June 19, Bill and Joyce attended their grandson’s wedding. This event was held near Czar in the bride’s parent’s pasture. Congratulations to Devon and Heather Trennery. Family pictures were taken at the farm, dinner and dance followed in Czar; a double celebration with Bill and Joyce’s 17th great grandchild born on June 17. Welcome baby Cason James Trennery, seven pounds 12 ounces, born in the Red Deer Regional Hospital; a brother for Willow.

Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there. Stan and Gloria Diegel celebrated with their annual camp out at Pelican Point. Joining them for the weekend were Richelle and Greg Skocdopole and family; Arden and Deanne Diegel and family, Tasha and Aaron Cordel and family. This was also a birthday party (Saturday) for Clyde and Mac Cordel (nine and seven respectively). Grandparents Stan and Gloria, Gordie Cordel and Evelyn and Rick Hamilton were all there. Ybiett Diegel and family came for the day as well.

Kathy Bignell has been in the area visiting and working on her house in Stettler, with the help of son Chris.