Scooby was saved from starving just on time at Stettler Elementary School

Happy Scooby in safe hands – Scooby

Happy Scooby in safe hands – Scooby

By Amore du Toit

Stettler Elementary School participated in the tri-school Remembrance Day service in the high school gym on Wednesday, Nov. 10.

Representing our school at the cenotaph was Chase Dolliver and laying a wreath on behalf of Stettler Elementary School was Katanna Fillinger. Our show choir also performed “Remember the Song” under the direction of Mrs. Kirby with Mrs. Lynes accompanying on the piano. We were very proud of all of our students for showing such respect at the service.

Cindy Starling’s Grade 2 class collaborated with Leah Watt’s Grade 1 class to create beautiful artwork focusing on Remembrance Day. The two classes made white crosses surrounded by red poppies in honor of our fallen soldiers. Parents are welcome to view the display in the foyer at the office. Stettler Elementary School hosted another successful Scholastic Book Fair from Nov. 3 to 9. Mrs. Pinder, our librarian would like to extend a huge thank you to all our families who supported the book fair. Each dollar spent adds books to our library collection. Thanks also to the many book club members who helped set up and supervise the book fair. The book fair is always an exciting literacy event in our school with hundreds of new and old favorite titles available, as well as novelties such as posters and pencils. It is also a chance for students to have their very own shopping experience, which they seem to love. The many prizes given away add to the fun.

We were thrilled to have Botha school visit our book fair for the first time this year. They seemed to enjoy it and we hope they will come back next year.

Remember that in January, the book club will be hosting the Used Book Swap and Sale. You can begin now to send in your gently used children’s’ books. Tie them up in a bag and include your child’s name, class and the number of books inside the bag. Drop boxes can be found around the school, or they can be dropped off in the library. If you do not have a child in Stettler Elementary School but have books which you would like to contribute, just put them in a bag and drop them off.

Disaster hit Monica Sylvester’s Grade 1 class on Thursday, November 4, when they came to school and discovered that Scooby’s, the class hamster, cage door had been left open overnight. The class rallied together by doing a search of the class and looking for any clues of Scooby. After coming up empty-handed, the class decided to make lost signs to hang in the hallway in case Scooby was found by someone else.

At the end of the day, Mrs. Sylvester’s class put Scooby’s opened cage in the middle of the room with lots of food hoping to entice their furry friend home. The next morning, Mrs. Sylvester was very pleased to see Scooby’s little tail in his bed (yes, the cage doors were still open and no, this was not just a writing prompt created by the teacher). What an end to the week – the students were ecstatic, Scooby was almost starving, and Mrs. Sylvester was very relieved.

Staff and students alike enjoyed having parents for parent teacher interview last week. Students enjoyed displaying their art work for their parents while staff enjoyed discussing their students’ progress with parents. As always we are thankful for all our involved parents.