School year coming to a close

In spite of the rain we received this past long weekend, hopefully everyone was able to get out and enjoy the first long weekend.

In spite of the rain we received this past long weekend, hopefully everyone was able to get out and enjoy the first long weekend at camping season.

Quilting takes place again this coming Monday, May 25 starting at 9:30 a.m. So make sure you come out to the seniors’ centre than and join the ladies.

This coming weekend is grad weekend. So we would like to congratulate all our Grade 12s on their big day and wish them all the very best of everything wherever life takes them. Congratulations all and enjoy your big day!

This coming Thursday, May 28, make sure you come out to the village office at 7 p.m. and attend this very important monthly meeting.

June 1 is the last seniors’ meeting until the fall, and it is to be held at the seniors’ centre starting at 12. This meeting starts with a potluck luncheon with the meeting to follow right after, so they are hoping all seniors can attend.

The BCC Committee is looking for volunteers to work at the Red Deer Casino on June 27 and 28, which is a great fundraiser for our little community. So if you can help out at all, please contact Lorraine Hankins at 403-742-3937 a.s.a.p.

Hopefully everyone entered photos in the contest at the school, which had to be before May 19. Then Tuesday, May 26, everyone will be able to vote on their favorite photos, and the photo that gets the most votes will win, the individuals will be announced and all the winners will be receiving some very nice prizes. Good luck, everyone!

Today at the school “Jump the Rope” is taking place. This event is a fundraiser for the Heart Foundation, so thank you to everyone who is participating.

Grade 1s and Kindergartens are heating things up this month in their class. They wanted everyone to vote, so in Grade 1 they helped Mrs. McMillian change the school sign, which was posted for everyone to read “Vote on May 5”, while the Kindergarten and Grade1s worked together to make Bristol board signs with their own slogans ranging from “Vote” to “Mom and Dad, are you going to vote?” What a cute idea!

Mrs. Melnyk’s class has enjoyed publishing and writing poetry this month, and everyone enjoyed working on their final collection, and looked forwards to some publications which everyone is proud of, in fact, they had an in-class “Coffee House” day to share their poetry with the class and recited some poems at the end of this unit.

In closing, we will look at what Mrs. Maxwell’s class is having fun with. In Science, they have studied the life of the mealworm and got excited about their next stage of life.

In Social, they have been studying leadership and decision-making. They enjoyed their visit from the Clearview Trustee and the Alberta election coincided with their social topics for this month.