Saturday market second week of June

GADSBY/WESTWOODS -- Dry conditions continue in the whole county with a total fire ban in place. Please be careful and safe.

GADSBY/WESTWOODS — Dry conditions continue in the whole county with a total fire ban in place. Please be careful and safe.

The Stettler grades 8 through 12,77-piece band left for New Orleans May 8 and returned this past weekend with stories, pictures and great memories. Locally, Lincoln Carey and Justin Hankins were among this group.

Birthday greetings to Jinger Skocdopole, whose birthday was celebrated on Friday with a family party/supper. There to help her celebrate were her mom and dad and siblings; Ybiett, Jasmine, Elijah, Bella; Arden and Deanne and girls, Grandparents Jim and Dixie; Stan and Gloria.

Joe and Maxine Hansel, Gordie and Shirley Reynolds helped Bill and Joyce enjoy their 56th anniversary, bringing pizza for dinner on Friday. Then Sue and Brad picked up Bill and Joyce and headed out to Marylou and Stan’s for turkey supper. Sandy and Rod, Ryan and Bentley all there as well. Saturday, the ladies took part in Joyce’s grandson Devon’s future wife (Heather’s) bridal shower at Czar. Congratulations to all!

Paulette enjoyed an extended birthday starting Saturday with granddaughters Hannah and Bailey helping grandma in the yard (mom Jewel as well) followed by a BBQ at John and Jewel’s and movie night. Sunday, Percy and Paulette took part in the Confirmation Sunday service at the St. Peter Lutheran Church, then it was on to Three Hills to daughter Christy and Curtis Wideman’s for a birthday supper and family time. Get well wishes to Lavern Wideman, who is home recovering from a broken hip and surgery. Monday Paulette celebrated her true date with family and friends coming for turkey supper.

The annual seniors’ week is coming soon. There will be a fruit tray presented by the County of Stettler and Village of Gadsby on Thursday, June 9 at 2 p.m. There is a change of venue with the Gadsby Heritage Place (Church building) being the host. Everyone welcome.

Also, on June 11, the Gadsby Herietage Society is holding a Saturday Market at the church. Vendors are welcome, please contact Margaret at 742 2117 or Yvonne at 742 3478. Home business, baking, crafts are all welcome among the vendors. The doors will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with lunch available at a small cost. Mark this on the calendar for a day out.

ParentLink has had two successful play days at the Gadsby Hall recently and will be having another om May 25. All toddlers/moms welcome.