Rumsey Garden Club awards

Best gladiolus spike — Wayne Roberts of Red Deer.

Best gladiolus spike — Wayne Roberts of Red Deer.

Gladiolus aggregate — Lorne McArthur of Red Deer.

Novice gladiolus aggregate — Eleanor Richmond.

Dahlia aggregate — Lorne McArthur.

Best dahlia — Lorne McArthur.

Best begonia — Eleanor Richmond.

Begonia aggregate — Eleanor Richmond.

Rose aggregate — Roy Ashcroft.

Potted plant aggregate — Jill Brodie.

Best tea table — Helen Steen.

Pansy arrangement — Helen Steen.

Seniors’ arrangement — Helen Steen.

Arrangement aggregate — Helen Steen.

Cut flower aggregate — Dianne McBride.

Small fruit display — Helen Steen.

Fruit aggregate — Helen Steen.

Baking aggregate first — Eleanor Richmond.

Baking aggregate second — Mary Newton.

Special baking first — Eleanor Richmond.

Special baking second — Patty Steen.

Biggest pumpkin — Carolin Schofer.

Vegetable display four kinds — Jill Brodie.

Vegetable display eight-to-12 kinds — Eleanor Richmond.

Vegetable aggregate — Ken Jensen of Camrose.

Adult aggregate first — Lorne McArthur.

Adult aggregate second — Ken Jensen.

Most entries in show — Lorne McArthur.

Gifts of the garden — first, Eleanor Richmond; second, Helen Steen.

Junior awards and trophies:

Comical arrangement 6-10 — Searrah Hussey.

Vegetable arrangement 6-10 — Searrah Hussey.

Vegetable display 6-10 — Searrah Hussey.

Baking aggregate 6-10 — Searrah Hussey.

Comical arrangements 11-15 — Shaylee Daniels.

Vegetable aggregate 11-15 — Shaylee Daniels.

Vegetable display 11-15 — Shaylee Daniels.

Flower arrangement 11-15 — Shaylee Daniels.

Baking aggregate 11-15 — Shaylee Daniels.

Junior aggregate first — Shaylee Daniels.

Junior aggregate second — Searrah Hussey.