Rumsey curlers have been doing great

Rumsey Record

There are snow angels and then there are car starting angels when the weather is cold. Had a call from a lady in the village telling how grateful she was to the fellows who came and started her car for her in the cold weather voluntarily. You know who you are and she is most grateful.

The Rumsey ladies’ bonspiel is now history and it was a wonderful week for curling as the weather was very cooperative. This made for nicer travelling, for sure.

Ladies curled their hearts out beginning on Wednesday evening. Thursday was the oyster supper which was enjoyed by many. We missed the Trochu folks as there was a church supper there that same night. Maybe next time during the mixed bonspiel which begins on March 7.

The banquet and presentations of prizes to the winners was held Saturday evening, Feb. 12. Winning the bonspiel this year was the rink of Dawn Wright of Drumheller, beating out Shelby Primrose’s rink who took second place. Third in the first event was Tiffany Richmond’s rink, and fourth was Gwen Hampton’s rink; mostly Rumsey rinks winning in the first event. The winners of the first event received the Millie Silberstein award which has been presented now for thirty years by her sons Normie and David.

David Silberstein is the man that does the emceeing for the presentations of the prizes and is very good on the mike.

Second event winners received the Realty Executives award and this was won by Leah Watts rink. 2. Katie Primrose, 3. Norah Watts, 4. Jill Holowath.

Third event winners received the Primrose Trucking award and this was won by the ladies from Three Hills, the Marie Sept rink. 2. Stacy Hoppins rink from Trochu, 3. Carol Wilkins, Rumsey rink, and 4. Shauna Laisnez, Big Valley rink.

Recognition was extended to the caretakers of the rink and draw master for keeping the schedule going straight.

The first team out was the Dawn Herd rink and they received jackets from Starland County.

The next curling event in Rumsey will be the ‘mixed doubles’ weekender Feb. 26-27. Dave Sengaus will be taking the entries; 403-368-2457.

The date of the mixed bonspiel is March 7-12. Again, phone entries to David Sengaus.

Another notice re; scoreboard auction. This is a notice letting everyone know that the scoreboard and in ice advertising spots will be coming up for auction March 12, after the mixed bonspiel banquet.

If you are unable to attend but would like to participate, please feel free to send a representative for you or contact the curling club with any questions. Carol Wilkins 40-368-3750,Dereck Krywcun, 403-368-2147, or Michelle McNaughton 403-368-2231.

When the curling season is over for this year, the committee will be having a housecleaning of the hall and curling rink to get ready for the summer activities.

If you have any pots, pans, or anything that belongs to you in these venues, please claim them or they are going to the good will. Contact Rhonda 403-368-2220.

For anyone who receives the Farm Forum magazine from Bayer Crops Science Supporting Canadian Families, Winter 2011, the picture of the young man on the cover page is Steve Larocque, the husband of Vanessa ( Currie) formerly from Morrin. Her folks are Sam and June Currie. On page 10 is the article he wrote and on page 13 is a very nice picture of Vanessa and their family. Congratulations to the Larocque’s family, Vanessa, Steve, and their two children.

Remember to mark your calendars for the quilting days of March 14-15 in the Rumsey Drop-in Center.

The next church service in the Morrin United Church will be Sunday, Feb. 20 when Rev. Harold and Amy Hunter will be taking the service.