Rumsey Ag to host curling leagues next month

RUMSEY RECORD -- Well, the glimpses of sunshine are few and far between but the farmers continue to hold out hope for the chance to...

RUMSEY RECORD — Well, the glimpses of sunshine are few and far between but the farmers continue to hold out hope for the chance to continue harvesting off the bounty of grain that is still in the fields. I hope they succeed.

The History Book Foundation has generously donated a 2016 edition and the 1982 edition of the history books to the curling rink to be kept upstairs in the lounge area. They will be free to use and enjoyed by all who visit upstairs. If you want a copy of your own, they are available through the History Book Foundation members and at the library. They are $50 each and the 1982 edition is $40.

My condolences to the Goddard family with the passing of Ernie’s brother, Russel Goddard, recently. He would have celebrated his 86th birthday on Monday, Oct. 31. There is no date set for a memorial service as of yet, the family is considering waiting until spring.

Sandy McNaughton stopped in to let me know that she is looking to hand over the reins of organizing the Christmas Party/Social that is held annually on the third Sunday of December. This event has been a mainstay of our community ever since the school closed and gives the community a chance to get together, sing some Christmas carols and share some Christmas goodies; and, of course, for the little ones to meet Santa and have a little fun with him before he has to return to the North Pole to continue on his most important work. She is hoping that someone would be interested in taking over this project as Santa has a very tight schedule in December so she would have to book him early in order to ensure that he will be free that day. Please give Sandy a call if you are interested.

St. Mary’s Lodge’s birthday party for the month of October was able to celebrate four birthdays; in the lodge, Ruth Gordon celebrated her special day; in extended care – Paul Gelinas, Muriel Stephenson and Alice Raczok celebrated theirs. I would like to extend a thank you to the October host, Lois Kiemele. Elaine Weisse will be the November host. Thank you to all the people who organize and go over every month.

The Rumsey Ag Society’s fall supper will be held on Saturday, Nov. 5 starting at 5 p.m. Please come and join in with all the community members for a delicious supper and hopefully, a chance to celebrate the end of the harvest. Keep in mind, that the Ag society is also getting started with the winter activity of curling. Super League will start on Friday, Nov. 4, Junior League will start on Tuesday, Nov. 15, Ladies League on Tuesday, Nov. 8 and Open League on Thursday, Nov. 10. Call Brooks Watts at 403-368-2357 if you want to sign up your children to Junior League and contact Rod Nelson at 403-368-2401 if you would like to join in on any of the other leagues.