Renaissance Fair brings out creativity

Spring Break is finally here! Everyone returns to school on March 31st.

Kathleen UnKauf won the best costume for girls at the Renaissance Fair.

Kathleen UnKauf won the best costume for girls at the Renaissance Fair.

By Kodi Nichols & Damien Benjamin

Spring Break is finally here! Everyone returns to school on March 31st.

Mr. Nixon’s Grade 8 outdoor education classes created survivor packs. The students had to collect the resources themselves to put together a package that would allow them to survive in the wild outdoors. They collected coffee cans and tins for containers, and knives, matches, etc. for inside the containers.

This past Thursday, the Grade 8 social studies classes participated in the annual Renaissance Fair. In each social class, students had to make brochures based upon a character from the Renaissance time period. There were many characters such as Leonardo Da Vinci, who was famous for his inventions and beautiful paintings. Students enjoyed eating chicken, cheese and bread with their fingers just like the people in Renaissance times did. Then after lunch, they did a “meet and greet” with other students acting in character to learn about each other’s historical past. It was a fun way to learn about the Renaissance time period and the people during this time.

This past Wednesday, our school hosted its first Middle School Appreciation Open House. We had parents and family members as guests in the different classes throughout the day. They sat in and observed and visited with the students and staff. There was also a display of student’s work in parts of the school for people to see what the students have been spending their time doing.

Also during the open house, the school board hosted their meeting in the art room of our school. Before the meeting took place, some board members were taken on a tour of our school and introduce them to all the great events that take place here. Megan Kobi, Kodi Nichols, Riley Cornelssen, and Kameron Bainbridge were our student ambassadors that toured them around.

The school Reach group had a wonderful season. They went to a lot of tournaments and performed very well. After spring break they will have their wind up party to celebrate a great season. Great job guys!

April 10 is the band component of the music festival. There are 42 entries throughout the day and into the evening. Mr. Rahn is spending a lot of time and effort into getting the students ready for their performances. There are a number of solos and duets.

The Nakiska ski trip had been cancelled in March due to bad weather, but it is rescheduled for this Friday. It should be a nice day for skiing.

Also, report cards will be given out on April 17 with parent-teacher interviews to follow on April 24.

Last Friday, students were lucky to kick off spring break with an afternoon dance in our gym. They were able to show off their moves that they learned in gym class.

Mrs. Ruddell is asking that parents help their Grade 8 students identify objects all around that represent 1st, 2th , and 3rd class levers.

We wish everyone a great end to March and a relaxing spring break!