Recovered cowboy pride of community

Very exciting event for Jace and Neil Thorsteinson this past Saturday at the Carstairs CARA rodeo, where they won a rodeo there that day.

BOTHA BOOSTER — Very exciting event for Jace and Neil Thorsteinson this past Saturday at the Carstairs CARA rodeo, where they won a rodeo there that day; Jace has come a long way since his accident right before school last September, and our little community is very proud of him. In the team roping competition, the two guys took only 6.9 seconds to finish in this competition. Way to go, guys.

So through all the hard work and determination, Jace has come a long way since this accident and now catching some in the breakaways and placing in the money. Way to go, Jace.

But the best news Jace and his family received was when they just finished seeing his rehab doctor in Calgary, where she was so impressed with his accomplishments that she has chosenb not to Botex his arm for the time being, maybe later in the future but not at the present. So that is excellent news. No Botex. Like Jace always says “The sky is the Limit”.

Continuing with the Old-Tyme Dance Club history, they have really grown over the years, with its members of executive now in 2015. This committee helped the hall board refinish the floor, too. This hall was built in 1921 and the floor is original. The cost of the hall floor was $7,000 at that time.

This club is now in its 31st year and their attitude, their success went, from the beginning of this club , to a cooperative executive committee, great music, welcoming and teaching new dances, great food, many giveaways and freeters and the enthusiasm our new dancers.They would like to send a big thank you out to everyone who made and is making a big change to this group; way to go, everyone.

One of the missions of this group is to preserve Old Thyme Dances and music and not let history die, which is excellent.

This past May 29, they all learnt a new dance, where you make four squares (eight people in each square) and they did the beautiful Walt Quadrilla called the Pat Gilmore. What a fantastic dance! Everyone loved learning how to do this dance and had fun doing so.

Other dances this club enjoys doing are the waltzes, polkas, two steps, fortrots, heel-toe polkas, seven steps, circle Schottisches, cotton-eyed Joe, Spanish waltz, Saskatchewan barndance and many more.

So let’s all get out and keep these old-thyme dances going and keep history alive. These dances are open to all ages and if you haven’t heard of these dances, come on out and they would love to teach you, as history continues. They hope to see everyone back in the fall (Sept. 26) and to have a great time. So please keep this date in mind. These dances start at 1:30 p.m. So see you all then

If you would like to rent this reasonably priced hall for your special occasion, please call Shaun Derr at 403-742-4811 and book your spot now.