Real dreams really can come true

Most of us are a little confused in the dream department. We mostly have non-dreams but think of them as though they’re achievable.

THERE’S MORE TO IT — Most of us are a little confused in the dream department. We mostly have non-dreams but think of them as though they’re achievable. When we dream of not having to wake up early, not having to cook or clean and especially not having to worry about money or go to work ever again, we are not really dreaming at all.

A real dream should take us somewhere; marked by hopeful achievements and measures that can be calculated.

If someone were to ask you about your dream house, for instance, you will already have an imagined layout, cabinets, flooring, fixtures and appliances. It will even have your preferred view, landscaping, and if you are thorough, your dream may have a preferred climate, or even a specific geographic location. If you don’t have those things and more in mind, then it isn’t really a dream house at all.

When you dream of having enough money to ‘never be troubled by money matters again’ do you think about how much money it might take? Or how you could earn, or generate that kind of wealth? Without at least some definition, it isn’t a dream at all. It’s a non-dream. It’s about not having the burdens and responsibilities of your present financial state, instead of finding the means to build and improve it.

Dreams of course are not just about wealth; elements of purpose, value, fame and renown are high on our dream list too. Unfortunately, most of these are also non-dreams.

Without a skill or talent that you are passionate about, that you are devoted to, that you sacrifice for and build without the promise of fame, you will likely never achieve fame. Fame is the result of a dream, but for most of us it’s a way to imagine not feeling insignificant or unnoticed.

If I offered to build and pay for your dream house, but only designed on what you tell my team in the next hour, would the result end up being your dream house? Or would it be a strange hodgepodge of every idea you came up with on the spot?

Most of us would be living in the hodgepodge. So what about the rest of your dreams? Would you recognize the opportunity to step into them if it came knocking?

Ask yourself: are your dreams based on being, doing and achieving more, or are they non-dreams, based on having less problems, challenges and responsibilities?

What is the design of your life? What will you do? What does it look like? What will it cost to get you there? How will you pay that price? And how will you know when you have achieved it?

When you have some basic answers to these questions, then you have a real dream, and real dreams really can come true.