Piano students give recital

A large crowd gathered at the hall on Thursday evening as the piano students of Mrs. Karen Norman presented their annual recital. Each of the students played a solo as well as either a duet or a trio selection. Visiting and lunch concluded the evening.

Congratulations to the grade 12 students from Halkirk who were honored at the Spring Prom held on Friday, May 28 at Gus Wetter High School in Castor. They are Kelsey Brodersen (Larry and Sandi), Rae-Anne Cordel (Dennis and Doris), Shelbe Freimark (Tony and Lorraine), Kourtney Hronek (Duane and Debby) and Adam Muncy (Charles and Bernita). Charlie and Cathy Schaffners’ granddaughters, Justine and Brittany Fletcher also graduated.

Graduation ceremonies were held at the William E. Hay High School in Stettler on Saturday, May 29. Congratulations to former Halkirk students Tessa Mabbott (Darcy and Andrea) and to Lorissa Schilling (Morris and Lorna) who were among the graduands. Several local grandparents had students graduating: Tyler Bissett (George Rowland Sr), Shaun Ross (Bette Hronek), Breann Sorensen (Clara Sorensen) and Steven Strandquist (Harold and Louise Strandquist).

Our community extends a welcome to Jackie Rogers who moved to Halkirk from High River.

Lowell and Janette Berry are pleased with the arrival of their third great-grandchild, Easton Lowell, born to Cody Chick and his girlfriend Brandi. Cody is the son of Nancy and Greg Chick.

Several local boys, Ryan Dahmer, Liam Malloy, Max Schaffner and Brandon Sheffield are playing baseball with a Castor team this spring. Or they will be – if it ever quits raining!

Maxi and Bob Baird spent a few days in Sooke, B.C. attending the pro rodeo there.

Seniors’ treasure sale is on June 11, if you have donations you would like to make, please call Jacquie or Paul at 884-2565 and they will make arrangements to open the center.

Coming up: June 3 – Hall Board Bingo at 7:30.