Parade brought pride to Big Valley Centennial

Big Valley’s Centennial Celebration went off like the well-oiled machinery and antiques that were in the parade.

Big Valley’s Centennial Celebration went off like the well-oiled machinery and antiques that were in the parade. Everyone should be really proud. From the parade, to opening ceremonies to all the fantastic meals, entertainment, and incredible fireworks, we exceeded all expectations.

Thanks to everyone in this terrific community who went above and beyond, revealing what hard work and small town collaboration can accomplish; to Mother Nature for providing us with such wonderful weather for the whole weekend and to everyone who came out to join our celebration.

Our parade was outstanding with ribbons awarded to the following:

Best commercial entry: 1st – Barb Wire Custom Hats, 2nd – BV Sports, 3rd – Muhlbach Electric. Best club & organization entry: 1st – Big Valley Seniors Belles, 2nd – Big Valley 4-H, 3rd – Train Float. Best old-time costume (Ladies): 1st – Kathy Evans, 2nd – Alice Faye Watts, 3rd – Penni Clarke. Best old-time costume (Men): 1st – Dale Emett, 2nd – Rod Miller, 3rd – Bud McAlister. Best old-time entry: 1st – Steel Wheel Truck (Wayne Garrison, Rod Miller & Art Tizzard), 2nd – Wood Truck (Rod Miller). Best old-time tractor: 1st – Big Valley AG Society, 2nd – Webster Farms. Best old-time automobile: 1st – Walter Hudson, 2nd – Allan Johnston family. Best horse drawn entry: 1st – Chad Sorensen, 2nd – Jim Long. Best light horse entry: 1st – Tess Thurston, 2nd – Aughtum Wilkie, 3rd – Gwen Cassidy. Best children’s entry: 1st – Jacob on Go-Cart (Knowles Family), 2nd – Métis Dance Kids. Best children’s bike entry: 1st – Chance Skocdopole, 2nd – Cassey Hiemstra. Best musical entry: 1st – Muhlbach Electric Trio, 2nd – Innisfail League Pipe Band, 3rd – City of Edmonton Pipe Band. Most unusual entry: Rocky Mountain Bears Celebrating 50 Year Anniversary. Most comical entry: 1st – Big Valley Creation Science Museum, 2nd – ATCO Electric (Louie the Lightning Bug). Best centennial float: 1st – Webster Farms, 2nd – Knowles Family.

Big Valley’s Fire Department has two crew members who work at Cervus Equipment in Stettler and Cervus has generously donated a Stihl chain saw with its case and a case of premixed fuel to our fire department. We wish to thank them for their help and for caring about our community.

Birthday wishes to Brice Burnstad – 1, Kelly Armstrong – 1, Phyllis Garrison – 5, Nora Saar – 5, Shirley Vols – 6, Kathy Evans – 8, Donna Clark – 9, Dorothy Annable – 9, Wayne Skocdopole – 10, Bill Smillie – 13, Marie Gridley – 14, Luke Skocdopole – 15, Taylor Baird – 15, Connie Watts – 15, Val Erickson – 16, Winnie Stewart – 17, Vi Milton – 18, Rick Stewart – 18, Cerwin Annable – 20, Wayne Saar – 21, Wayne Brenchley – 21, Ainsleigh Lucki – 23, Edgar Siegrist – 24, Dorothy Dressler – 25, Colten Kirtley – 27, Wayne Fraser – 28, Zachary Duncan – 28, Cheryl Vanhaga – 29, Doreen Toker – 29, and Mel Dodds – 31.

Happy Anniversary to Harvey and Judy Christensen – 3, Dale and Rebecca Johnston – 5, David and Debra Johnston – 6, Bill and Verna Kirtley – 12, Jim and Myra Greig – 15, Brent and Cindy Mailer – 17, Danny and Jenny Houle – 19, Mel and Lois Miller – 23 and Terry and Janet Annable – 24.