Our Town Stettler

Our Town Stettler

The store that many remember

By Carson Ellis For the Independent

One of the fun things about collecting old photos is trying to piece them all together over time. Finding a picture of a store that no longer exists, and trying to figure out when it did exist, where it was, what was there before, and what is there now. It always leads to rather interesting stories. I don’t always get a timeline on the business but inevitably someone will say: Oh! I remember that place! We used to…… and a great story is quickly shared. The stories help make the photos more real. At least for me.

A few years ago, I found myself in the temporary possession of some yearbooks from a long-time friend who had gathered several over the years due to his father being a teacher for a great number of years at the high school. One ad in the back was for Rosedale Grocery. I was very curious to find out what had happened to this place. I had assumed it was demolished, and houses were put where it had stood. I was at least partially right.

Rosedale Grocery was a slow change.

The store that many people remember rather well was a small, and simple place along one of the town’s tree-lined streets. This was at a time when not every gas station was a small convenience store, and stopping off at places like these, was often a special occasion. One follower of my page noted it was at one point run by the Ko’s, a name that comes up quite frequently at our History Book meetings. As the story I’ve been told goes, one of the owners built a sort of expansion on the back and used it as a residence. Over time this expansion was either added onto or properly finished as a house. Eventually, and I am unfamiliar of when, the convenience store closed, and became a proper garage.

Both the addition and the garage/store, still exist.