’Old Man Winter’ to stay for a while

BOTHA BOOSTER -- Hopefully by now everyone contacted Doug Haustein or John Blonski about their upcoming Christmas Dance which takes...

BOTHA BOOSTER — Hopefully by now everyone contacted Doug Haustein or John Blonski about their upcoming Christmas Dance which takes place this Sunday, Nov. 27. It sounds like fun and will be an exciting dance to attend. Dances usually start at 1:30 p.m., so hopefully everyone who plans to attend this special Old Tyme Dance will be there by then.

On Thursday, Nov. 24 make sure you make it out to the very important monthly meeting at the Village Office at 7 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Tonight come out and join in the exciting game of Bingo. Who knows you could be one of the lucky winners this evening.

Quilting takes place next Monday, Nov. 28, starting at 9:30 a.m. Come on out that day and join the group, they would love to see everyone.

On Monday, Dec. 5 is the very important Senior Monthly Meeting. So they are hoping all seniors can join them that day. These start at noon with a potluck luncheon with the meeting to follow right after.

The Thorsteinson boys were sure busy the weekend of Nov. 12 this year as JD entered the CFA (Canadian Dummy Roping Championship) for the very last time because of his age – next year he will be too old to enter – but for the very first time entered the “Rodeo’s Future Champions” along with his brother, which was held in conjunction with the CFR. To enter this, all applicants had to first fill and sign a form, write an essay and get a written reference, before being considered. Through all the hard work they had to do first, both boys were chosen to enter the championship. Way to go, both of you. JD and Jace were chosen in the breakaway roping and team roping together, which was awesome. JD split two – 3rd in the breakaway with a second run and unfortunately Jace missed in the breakaway, but there’s always next time. Way to go JD. But both boys placed third in the team roping with a 9.1-5, way to go guys. Our little community is very proud of both these young men. They would like to thank everyone that helped in putting on such a well run rodeo. Thank you everyone.

This past week we received quite a fair amount of snow, so am thinking Old Man Winter is here to stay this time. After all we have been lucky so far as this is Alberta and we all expected it sooner or later. What do you think? So hopefully with the first amount of snow we had earlier and all the nice weather after, all the farmers were able to get all their harvest in before Old Man Winter gets to stay for awhile.