Oh, what a performance it was in Big Valley

Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Seems it has barely started, yet we’re already halfway through the 2010 summer holidays. With the tourist season in high gear, Big Valley streets are often filled with visitors milling about while enjoying the sights of our lovely village.

This past Saturday, Big Valley was treated to a little touch of the east coast with the arrival of the Newfoundland Special. Walking through the village, visitors and residents were drawn by the lilting sounds of old-time fiddle music wafting from the big tent set up on Railway Avenue.

During the tantalizing lobster feast, “FIDDLE’S N’ STIX’ brought guests to their feet, clapping, singing and dancing to a fine selection drawn from their musical repertoire. Along with special birthday and anniversary requests, guests were entertained with a medley of lively Irish/Scottish songs renown in eastern Canada. Halfway through the performance, silence swept over the crowd as they were enthralled by the ethereal sounds coming from the surprising application of a hand saw as a musical instrument. The talented musician amazed the crowd with the haunting tones he was able to bring out of that simple tool. The band then ended their performance on a high note, returning to their foot tapping selections as the smiling crowd left to resume their tour of Big Valley.

This August birthday greetings go out to Brice Burnstad – 1, Deb Edwards – 1, Cory Stormoen – 3, Kelly Armstrong – 3, Mark Anderson – 5, Nora Saar – 5, Phyllis Garrison – 5, Steven McCrindle – 6, Shirley Vols – 6, Karen Kargaard – 6, Roy Needham – 7, Kathy Evans – 8, Michelle Roux – 8, Donna Clark – 9, Dorothy Annable – 9, Wayne Skocdopole – 10, Andrew Shirley – 11, Bill Smillie – 13, Marie Gridley – 14, Stephanie Siegrist – 14, Taylor Baird – 15, Luke Skocdopole – 15, Connie Watts – 15, Val Erickson – 16, Clarence Dowhaniuk – 16, Gerard Forde – 17, Vi Milton – 18, Margaret Dietz – 20, Cerwin Annable – 20, Ainsleigh Lucki – 23, Edgar Siegrist – 24, Dorothy Dressler – 25, Deagan Lucki – 27, Wayne Fraser – 28, Zachary Duncan – 28, Cheryl VanHaga – 29, Doreen Toker – 29, Ken Scott – 30, Peggy Roselle – 31, and Mel Dods – 31.

Happy Anniversary to Harvey and Judy Christenson – 3, Bill and Verna Kirtley – 12, Jim and Myra Greig – 15, Jack and Kathleen Webster – 16 and Terry and Janet Annable – 24.

We must also send out happy belated birthday greetings to Wilf Dressler (July 21) whose name somehow disappeared last month from our official list.

Big Valley will be hosting the Ralph Klaus Golf Tournament on Saturday, Aug. 7. Breakfast will be from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. at the Big Valley Community Hall, with the golf starting at 10 a.m. Also at the community hall, the evening BBQ will begin at 5 p.m. For more information call Larry Klaus at 1-800-232-9470 or Lloyd Duncan at 403-876-2279.

Don’t forget to visit Big Valley this coming weekend for the Hivernant Rendezvous. For more information contact Marlene Lanz at 403-815-6720 or 1-800-267-5844.