Number of school mentors increases

JULIE BERTRAND/Independent reporter

The in-school mentoring had its end of school year wind-up on June 2.

Program coordinator and HYC case worker Leanna Moon was quite happy with the program’s past year.

“The program is growing and it’s a really good thing. A big part of it has been the teens that we’ve got mentoring,” said Moon.

“Last year, we had one teen and this year, we’ve got five. Unfortunately, three of them are Grade 12 students who will not be returning.”

The program section that had the biggest increase was the elementary school.

“Last year, we did an in-school mentoring wind-up at the Stettler Elementary School. We had two matches there,” said Moon.

“This year, we had 13 matches represented.”

Moon is always looking for more mentors.

“If you like kids and have an hour a week to go into a school to spend time with a child during school hours, that’s really all it takes,” said Moon.

“If you want to take it further and be a Big Brother or a Big Sister, you meet outside of school hours and you can take your Little Brother or Sister in the community.”

Moon had nothing but good words to say about the mentors.

“I asked the kids at the wind-up who was the best mentor in the room and they all chose their own mentor,” said Moon.

“The kids all feel special. I think it’s life-changing for them. It is a big deal. It makes a huge difference. “

Mentors also get benefits from their volunteer work.

“It’s a nice break from what you’re doing,” said Moon.

“Kids have a way of reminding us about what’s important and that we can just enjoy the moment because that’s what they do. “

Should you be interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Leanna Moon at (403) 742-5437.