November meeting for Erskine ratepayers

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had lots to eat.

Erskine Enquirer

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had lots to eat.

The IOOF will be having a fall supper of roast beef on Saturday, Oct. 25 from 4:30 to 7:30. The proceeds will go towards the ongoing renovations to the kitchen. Donations will also be gratefully accepted.

The walking path proposed to be installed along the lake road is put on hold. The county is dragging their heels as to whether to put down gravel or pavement. Their reasoning is that in the future, they may have to put a water line down that area and don’t want to dig up pavement.

But the drawback to gravel is that a snow blower wouldn’t be able to keep it clean in the winter so a bobcat or tractor with a blade would have to be hired. It may be years before they put a water line down that road. I also asked about when the county was going to fill in the holes in the pavement in Erskine and was told that the squeaky wheel gets the grease so we have to phone in to the county and complain and then perhaps something will be done about it.

Our councillor, Joe Gendre, will arrange for a ratepayers meeting sometime in November and we will be able to get more information about these matters and a few others.

The CARA cross country run took place on Oct. 9 and our Erskine runners did very well. The results are as follows: Grade 6 girls: First was Ava Lee, second was Alandra Couch, 18th was Sydney Lepard, Grade 6 boys: Fifth was Marcus Laisnez, eighth was Zac Bryson, 13th was Carson Mottus; Grade 7 girls: First was Avery Chick; Grade 7 boys: First was Isaac Lee, 10th was Connor Robertson; Grade 8 girls: Third was Jackson Squires, 18th was Meghan Mattach; Grade 9 girls: First was Gracie Morbeck and the Grade 9 boys 1st was Isaac Nibourg. So our students did very well.

The CWAJHAA for the runners will be on Friday, Oct. 17 in Lacombe. Good luck students!

Don’t forget magazine sales are still on so if you would like a subscription and haven’t been called on, please phone the school. Sales go until Oct. 22.

Congratulations to Dr. & Mrs. Charlie Bird on the birth of their great grandson. Both the parents are English teachers and have named their baby Baywolf which is a very unusual name, but has great significance to his parents.

Laugh for today: It’s a sign of a woman growing older when she brushes a hair off her lapel and finds it’s attached to her chin.

Have a good week.