New furnace at drop-in not fully paid for

Rumsey Record

Although the community was no doubt busy, I am not aware of all the things that happened.

The Rumsey-Rowley 4-H Beef club held their mini show day at the rodeo grounds on Tuesday, April 26. Members brought their calves to town to try them out for the coming show and sale day, Monday, June 6 in Delia. The Rumsey-Rowley club is the host club this year.

The beef club is planning a battery and bottle drive on Saturday, May 7. Ivomec bottles and boxes will also be collected. Call any member of the club if you have a quantity of recyclables to be picked up.

The next day, May 8 is Mother’s Day and the local firemen will be hosting a breakfast again this year as they have for many years now. Has anyone any idea just how long it has been? Give me a call. Breakfast will be from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Rumsey Community Hall.

The STARS committee of the Rumsey ag society held a meeting in the agriplex on Tuesday, April 26. Plans are coming together for what will be a commemorative year if the goal of half million dollars is met. With your continued help, this is quite feasible.

When the Rumsey ride for STARS had collected one quarter million dollars a few years ago, the Rumsey Ag. Society logo was placed on the tail tip of all the helicopters in Alberta. If and when the half million is reached, this logo will be raised to a higher position on the crafts. The STARS helicopter has been booked to come to the ride this summer.

The silent auction has been re-instated into the festivities of the day of the ride, Aug. 7. Volunteers from STARS office will be on site to offer for sale, the latest souvenirs.

The Richmond family continue their honoring of their grandmother, Stella Richmond, in making a handmade quilt for a raffle. A poker rally is also part of the day as well as breakfast in the great outdoors and a delicious beef supper in the late afternoon. There is free camping, courtesy of the TL Bar Ranch for Saturday night. Bring your RV and make a camping weekend of it.

Pledge sheets are available to anyone who does not receive one in the mail as they are mailed to everyone who rode last year. Call 368-2132 for more information.

Have all you ball players registered for ball this spring? Call Kent Holowath at 403 368- 3733 to register.

The meet baby Jayne afternoon was held on Sunday, May 1 in the Rowley community hall. Folks enjoyed visiting and sharing the ‘holds’ of the baby.

The garage sale that was planned for earlier this spring will be held Saturday, May 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The agriplex will be open from 5 to 7 p.m. on Friday evening for early shoppers. Lunch will be available at noon on Saturday. This sale is sponsored by the local library. Call Patty Steen 403-368-3820 for any more information.

Morrin United Church held their May church service on May 1 with a time of lunch and fellowship after the service. The next service will be Sunday, May 15 when Rev. Harold and Amy Hunter of Olds will be taking in the service. Sunday, Rev. Mervyn and Marilyn Penfound of Stettler led the service.

The Rumsey Drop-in has new furnaces and a new hot water heater. However, when it came time to pay the bill, the grant didn’t cover all the cost. Anyone who would be interested in helping out with the finances would be greatly appreciated.

The “Storch” siblings held their Christmas party at the drop-in on May 1, and the building was also the place for the voting on Monday, May 2.