New clock at Rumsey hall

No doubt the lives of everyone have been busy this week, however my news is scarce.

Today, Sunday, June 20 is Father’s Day, so do hope all fathers had a good day. There was church service in the Morrin United church with Rev. Harold and Amy attending. This was the last service until September; so to celebrate with the Hunters and wish them well this summer, there was a potluck dinner after the service.

During the service, Lorraine Stanger, who is Harold’s sister from Stettler told us a bit about their recent trip to New Zealand. Very interesting. Harold and Amy then sang for us with Amy playing the accordion. She has such musical talent and is a joy to listen to.

In the afternoon, at the Rumsey cemetery, Rev. Harold led the interment of ashes service for Don Primrose Sr., who passed away in January. Family members gathered around and each grandson and granddaughter in turn laid their grandfather to rest.

The gathering then went to town to the community hall where Harold again led a ‘celebration of life’ with family members adding to the service. Amy again played the piano for the songs that were sung. Brett’s two granddaughters played the piano for their grandfather once again as he loved to have them play for him when they would come to visit. The grandchildren put together a slide presentation for all to enjoy during the lunch and fellowship. Don’s brother, Jack of Strathmore, prepared a story of their life as young folks through the years which was read by his daughter Carol.

The family are most grateful to the neighbours of the east side of the community for getting the lunch together. That’s just how we do it here. Don and Helen left this area to retire in Stettler many years ago, but still,0 the neighbours wanted to honor their friendship.

Although the loss of someone dear is so sad, there is a bright side as family members, old friends and neighbours get together.

The next time you are in the community hall, take note of the new clock which hangs where the old one was. If my memory serves me, the old clock was the one that was in the waiting room of the train station before it closed its doors. This beautiful new clock was placed in the hall in memory of the late Don Primrose Jr., who passed away just one year ago. Thanks to his family.

One fun thing that happened this week was the graduation of Grade 9 class from Big Valley school where Clayton Steen was one of the grads. After ceremonies in Big Valley, the grads and guests travelled to Red Deer for supper. Clayton is the son of Patty and Mike Steen and gradson of Helen Steen.

Plans are well underway for the Rumsey Homecoming on July 16, 17 and 18. Invitation brochures have been sent out and we are asking everyone to please let their families or anyone we may have missed know of this event. The parade will be held Saturday at 11 a.m. and we hope there will be lots of parade entries. Gwen Hampton is in charge of the parade so please give her a call if you have any questions. There will be picture display boards located in the Rumsey Hall, so we are asking folks for pictures of interest. Please contact the following: Linda Helmer is in charge of the Two Valley View area; Judy Stoneman is looking after the Price School area; Donna Sengaus is in charge of the Tolman area; Helen Steen in helping with the Greenridge, Thompson area and Mary Newton is helping with the Rumsey and town area. If you have any questions please call the above mentioned. If you have any questions or ideas please call Cindy Krywun or Dariel McNaughton for further information. The weekend will be action packed with breakfast at 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning, followed by the parade at 11 a.m.; then pictures, a crib tournmament, and the tasty barbeque beef supper at 5:30 p.m. to conclude the Saturday events. Sunday will start with a pancake breakfast again at 8:30 a.m. and the church service at 11 a.m. To round out the activities there will be children’s activities and ball all weekend. Registration will take place Friday evening and Saturday. Friday night there will be entertainment and Saturday night there will be a dance. Make the RUMSEY CONNECTION for a fun filled weekend.

Again, Happy Father’s Day to all fathers everywhere and hope you had a good day with family and friends around you. My folks, Chris and Eulalie Clausen passed away in 1979, which was a long time ago, but they are really missed especially at special days.