Much Music Dance on Thursday

The past week has been very successful for Christ-King’s Chargers.

By: Elli Anderson & Abbey Bohn

The past week has been very successful for Christ-King’s Chargers. On Jan. 21, both the boys and girls teams traveled to face off against the Byemoor Tigers. The Chargers have been working very hard at practices, and the games were very close. The girls conceded their game, but the boys came out with a victory.

On Jan. 24, both teams made the trip to Theresetta Catholic School in Castor for a tournament. All the games that the boys and girls played were very well matched, and the Chargers came very close to victory. CKCS looks forward to their next game on Jan. 28 against the Donalda Eagles.

This week players also celebrated receiving new jerseys and a new scoreboard for future games. A big thank you to Parent Council who helped to update our scoreboard team equipment.

Intramurals also started up this week. With junior-high students refereeing, scorekeeping, and coaching, games started on Jan. 19. The student body has been divided into four house teams; blue, green, yellow, and red. On Mondays K-3 plays, and Tuesdays grade 4-6 plays. Primary grades are participating in tag games, while junior grades are playing basketball. Thank you to all the teachers for supervising, and Mr. Wik for organizing the event. Good luck to all the teams!

Hot lunch was on Jan. 21. Students enjoyed a hot meal of chicken nuggets and fries at lunch. Thank you to parent council for organizing the meal – all students enjoy hot lunch day.

Magical Munsch is arriving at CKCS this week on Jan. 28. All staff and students are looking forward to the puppet shows being put on by a troop of performers. They will be presenting six of the Munsch stories; and all students are excited to watch.

Christ-King is hosting the Much Music Dance this week on Thursday, Jan 29. All junior-high students (grades 6-9) are invited to come, as long as they register with their own school. Admission is $10 a person. Ticket registration must be back to CKCS by Jan. 26. A concession stand will also be available throughout the night. All students are looking forward to the event and are hoping for a great turn out.