Money raised at Terry Fox Run means pies to the faces

Congratulations go out to the Big Valley School on the success of their annual Terry Fox Run, which was held on Wednesday

Big Valley Bulletin

Congratulations go out to the Big Valley School on the success of their annual Terry Fox Run, which was held on Wednesday, Sept. 24. Their group of 78 students managed to raise $3362.05. Well done! Nathan Houle had the most donations with $1150. The School’s goal was $3000, and because they exceeded it, the students earned the opportunity to throw pies at staff members the following Tuesday.

The Big Valley School students and staff would like to thank everyone who helped to support them in this great cause. Thanks to all the parents and community members who came out and joined the walk and thank you to Jen Warren and Donna Severn for helping to keep everyone safe.

It is hard to believe, but that time of the year is upon us, again. The Big Valley Drop-in Centre will be hosting their annual flu clinic on Wednesday, Oct. 22 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Don’t forget to mark your calendars.

The drop-in centre’s monthly potluck and meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 14 beginning at 12 noon.

Local crib players are firing up for the new season here in Big Valley with two weekly tournaments scheduled at the drop-in centre and one at the Big Valley Inn. At the drop-in, crib results for Wednesday, Oct. 1 were first to Donna, second to Ron and third to Earl. On Sunday, Oct. 5, first went to Donna, second to Ron, third to Jan and the booby went to Lynne.

The Big Valley Inn Crib players will kick off the winter season with their first tournament on Sunday, Oct. 19. Players meet in the hotel bar to play eight games and prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and booby as well as a draw. The tournaments begin at 1 p.m. and run until around 4 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come out and enjoy an afternoon of fun and cards.

The Big Valley Inn Crib players look forward to the return of their regulars and hope to see some new faces this fall. For more information please call Trudy Spence at 876-2571.

Don’t forget to book your table for the annual Big Valley Christmas Craft Show and Sale. This popular event is slated for Saturday, Nov. 15 at the Big Valley Community Hall. For more information or to book a table please call Andrea at 403-876-2064.

October birthday greetings go out to Crystal Daychief – 3, Barb Skocdopole – 4, Loshawna Annable – 7, Alice Faye Watts – 10, Dillon Kirtley – 10, Ayrianna Daychief – 11, Don Walker – 11, Hope Skocdopole – 12, Brenda Woods – 14, Bob Boswell – 15, Melitta Sorensen – 15, Janessa Wittenberg – 19, Perry Titus – 19, Gwen Mulbach – 19, Cassandra Visser – 24, Carla Visser – 24, Albert Ruele – 25, Leonard Mogck – 26, John Rinehart – 26, Dave Roux – 27, Andrew Stewart – 28, Michelle Jensen – 29, Nathan Houle – 29, and Linda Garstad – 29.

Happy Anniversary to Dale & Deanna Skocdopole – 5, Jack & Barb Skocdopole – 22 and Curt & Connie Watts – 25.