“Meet Jayne” afternoon May 1

Rumsey Record

The old adage: If you don’t like the weather in Alberta, just wait a while and it will change. Such was the case with the weather this week. You never knew what the weather of the day was going to bring.

Tuesday, April 12, was the day that the Trochu St. Mary’s Health Care Center held their annual volunteers’ tea. A large crowd attended, including the Rumsey volunteers. Everyone enjoyed the lovely afternoon and the program was very enjoyable.

Monday and Tuesday, April 11-12, two new furnaces and a new hot water heater was installed at the Rumsey drop-in. This is an upgrade to high efficiency, so hopefully will help out with the rising cost of heating.

The garage sale that the Rumsey Library is sponsoring had to be postponed and is now set for Saturday, May 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Agriplex. Book your table with Patty Steen at the library or at her home.

The late winter flu is taking its turn showing up for its last fling before spring work begins. Several folks were down with it this week, us included. Don’t want that again anytime soon.

Saturday, April 16, the Rumsey Ag. Society held their annual ‘spring fling’ which is an evening of BBQ steak supper, silent auction and live dessert auction. A very profitable fundraiser with deserts selling as high as $600, upwards from $200. The Ag. Society is very grateful for any support shown this evening and we, as a community, are very glad we have such a society to run our community. Hats off to everyone who had a part in the success of the event. Travis Cawiezel did the auctioning for the live auction.

During the evening, the president of the ag society, Chris Warner made a presentation to Cody Goddard, who received the Ag Society Scholarship for 2010.Cody made the trip from Edmonton from his studies at NAIT to accept his award.

The rest of the evening was spent visiting as a last hurrah before spring work begins.

Church service was held in the Morrin United Church on Sunday morning with Rev. Harold and Amy Hunter of Olds taking the service. Amy played the ‘cow bells’ during the service, which is always very enjoyable. The annual meeting for the 2010 fiscal year was held following the lunch, which followed the service. Rev. Jan Richardson of Drumheller Knox United Church attended the meeting representing Coronation Presbytery. Reports were heard and discussed with the same old question: “What is the future of this church?”

The ‘Meet Jayne’ afternoon will be Sunday, May 1, with a change of venue. The tea will be held in the Rowley hall and everyone is invited to join in the fun time.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8, but haven’t heard any rumblings about a breakfast as yet.

A couple of weeks ago, Morrin community held a fun mixed bonspiel on the skating ice surface in the Morrin Sportex. There were 28 teams. The ones from here that did the winning were; 1st in the 1st event; Jim and Cindy Krywcun, with Larry and Cindy Dodd; 2nd in the 1st event; Curt and Michelle McNaughton with Lyle and Laura Cawiezel; 1st in the 3rd event; Tim and Betty Primrose with Doug and Lorna Hodge; 2nd in the 3rd event; Rod and Danna Nelson with Craig and Lori Cawiezel; 1st in the 4th event; Julie Primrose and Samantha Richmond with T.J.Herd and Katie Primrose.