Make-A-Wish comes through for Jace

BOTHA BOOSTER -- Matt and Doris' wedding anniversary is Monday, Aug. 15. Congratulations you two. Hope you have a fantastic day.

BOTHA BOOSTER — Matt and Doris’ wedding anniversary is Monday, Aug. 15. Congratulations you two. Hope you have a fantastic day.

Bingo night happens again on Wednesday, Aug. 17, so make sure you come out and join in the fun.

Let’s look back at Bernie and Everett (Riggins). Bernie’s father’s name was Edgar Clyne Riggins, born in Green City, Missouri, in 1894, and came with her parents to the Elza area in 1906, and homesteaded there.

Neighbors were hired to plow the land, and the following year the land was planted to flax, which was sold for $2/bushel. For winter work, Bernie worked with her dad, mining and hauling coal from Sullivan Lake. The mine was 11 miles away from their place for the winter supply. They bought a new wagon and box which cost them $140 for the binder and $150 for three Oxen and a walking plow which was purchased in 1911.

Edgar Riggins and Jennie Davis were married in 1919, then bought a resident and took up residence on the Old Ostoby Place, just south of their homestead. In 1925, the Riggins family moved to the Buff Larkin Place, better known as the “Long Green Ranch.” After the move their family was increased by two more children. Bernie was one of these two.

Bernie was born on the Long Green Ranch, as were three other daughters between 1925-1936. In 1944, Bernie and Clarence Everett were married and lived south of Botha on the Robert Everett homestead. Shortly after, the couple had four children, who later attended the Zenith School. Later, they were transferred to Botha School, finishing their Grade 12 education at William E. Hay High School in Stettler.

Bernie loved to dance and was grown up enjoying this activity. Her family all loved music, and her father loved and enjoyed playing the violin. So, having grown up with this activity and then marrying Clarence, who loved music too, joining the Old Thyme Dance Club here in Botha was an easy decision.

Coffee is always on every Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. at the Senior Centre, so make sure you come out.

Floor Curling is every Thursday afternoon at 1 p.m., so make sure you come on out for this and join in the game.

Why not phone Shaun Derr at 403-742-4811 and reserve the Botha Hall for your special occasion? It’s a great place to rent, with very reasonable pricing, so make sure you call him now.

Gord Bamford had a fantastic surprise for Jace Thorsteinson at the Make a Wish Foundation. He proudly surprised Jace with a large amount of Rodeo equipment. Gord is very proud, along with the Cowboy Association, about Jace’s improvement and the way he is dealing with the effects of his injuries since the accident last fall. A big thank you goes out to everyone involved in the surprise and Jace’s recovery. Way to go Jace! We are all very proud of you and your accomplishment, plus your attitude toward life.