Lots of Valentine’s Day activities

Throughout the years, Valentine’s week has always been a very special week at Stettler Elementary School and this year was no exception.

Pat Johnson


Throughout the years, Valentine’s week has always been a very special week at Stettler Elementary School and this year was no exception. Once again, as it has been done for more than a decade, the school council and parent helpers expressed their appreciation for the teachers and staff at SES. In addition to many treats and words of kindness, on Wednesday, Feb. 11, the entire SES staff was treated to a wonderful lunch. Inviting tables, graced with roses and candles, created a relaxing atmosphere in the drama room where colleagues could gather and relax momentarily while enjoying a delicious home cooked buffet. What a wonderful treat.

Thank you to the School Council and all the parent volunteers that helped make this a special week for all of us.

As part of their language arts program, the students in Mr. Thorne’s Grade 5 class are participating in the Great Canadian Mail Race. Under the direction of Mr. Thorne, the students decided to write all their letters to students in the province of Newfoundland. Collectively, they felt it would be best to have all their letters travel approximately the same distance across Canada. The first student in Mr. Thorne’s class to receive a return letter will win the race. The suspense is mounting as they await the arrival of a letter from Newfoundland.

Grade 3 students have been invited to join a computer club. Their classroom teachers have organized the club. Interested students will meet every Wednesday during lunch recess in the computer lab where teachers will supervise them as they work on various projects or access websites, games and activities.

Several of our teachers attended a Clearview in-service on Thursday and Friday. The initiative focused on project-based learning. By the end of the year, all teachers will have had the opportunity to participate in this in-service.

Fancy Friday coincided with Valentine’s Day celebrations. What a perfect time to dress up in your finest outfit. Party dresses, suits and ties added a classy touch to every room. Dressed in their best, Mrs. Thorne’s kindergarten class walked to the high school Friday morning to make Valentine’s with their buddies in Ms. Lotoski’s TA class. Their big buddies were a great help. The Valentine’s looked great when they were completed. Meanwhile, Mrs. Du Toit’s kindergarten students went on a Valentine’s Heart Hunt. Their hunt took them through the Elementary, Middle and High School! They found many hearts along the way. Most importantly, while on their journey, they warmed many hearts. They also sang one of their favorite songs, “You are my Sunshine,” to appreciative high school students.

Later in the day, there were parties and celebrations all around the school as students exchanged cards and enjoyed treats. It was certainly a Friday filled with kindness and cookies.