Lots of St. Patrick’s Day fun at SES

Top ‘O The Week To You! Although St. Patrick’s Day has passed, the decorations and exciting memories

Mrs. Geddes’s Grade 2 Fairytale plays for parents: Rumpelstiltskin (L to R):Larissa Shuman

Mrs. Geddes’s Grade 2 Fairytale plays for parents: Rumpelstiltskin (L to R):Larissa Shuman

Pat Johnson


Top ‘O The Week To You! Although St. Patrick’s Day has passed, the decorations and exciting memories of the special week continue in Stettler Elementary. The annual Leprechaun Trap extravaganza occurred once again this year. Kindergarten students arrived Tuesday morning with their traps in tow. The traps were set with great care strategically around the school. However, at the time of this writing, none of the elusive little fellows had taken consideration of the bait. In spite of the empty traps, students reported that they had spotted some green leprechaun tracks and notice that a few items had been mysteriously scattered about their classrooms. Hmm?

While the kindergarten focused on catching leprechauns, the rest of the students celebrated the day in a variety of other ways. Mrs. Lang’s Grade 1 class enjoyed a special St. Pat’s dice game during math before listening to The Pet Leprechaun and Who Means More to Us Than Gold? In Mrs. Sylvester’s class, the students were delighted when the central character in their story, The Lost Leprechaun, was found.

Edible math games were the choice activity in Grade 2. The students from Mrs. Starling’s and Mrs. Boyd-Stadelmann’s classes joined Mrs. Hunter’s class in graphing leprechaun information. Following the graphing, they gobbled up the Lucky Charms used in the activity. Likewise, Mrs. Geddes’ students received eight marshmallow treats, each with a shamrock or similar St. Patrick’s related symbol stamped on it and then charms were used to graph the symbols. When the graphing was complete, the results were shown to St. Patty’s Perfect, who gave the nod of approval, and the whole lot was devoured.

Gleaming gold coins appeared everywhere and some St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes were even smuggled into Mrs. van Ringen’s class for the students to enjoy. It must have been the Leprechaun, himself! Mrs. Lynn’s class also participated in some math graphing lessons……and Lucky Charms…..and eating! Mrs. Boyd’s class made up their own activities specific to the St. Patrick’s Day, brought in some yummy snacks, and decorated the classroom. Grade five students were not to be left out of the fun. The lilt of Irish music emanated from Mr. Howell’s class, and Mr. Thorne’s students completed 2D and 3D math and art projects that contained hidden shamrocks. Once the projects were finished, the students took them to the younger students to see if the shamrocks could be found. Fun and treats made St Patrick’s Day a fun experience in all the classrooms.

In addition to all the St. Patrick’s Day fun, it was also Crazy Daze! Students and staff were encouraged to use their wildest imagination and dress as crazy as they dared. The crazy combos of clothing all included some touch of green.

Another highlight of the week, were the Fairytale Plays Mrs. Geddes’ Grade 2 class performed for their parents and a couple classes of younger students. They performed “The Ugly Duckling,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and “Rumpelstiltskin.” The students worked very hard on memorizing their lines and learning specific actions. The students were also given the task of finding how the characters in their plays followed or did not follow the 7 Habits. Following their presentations, the students explained to the audience how the characters in each play related to the 7 Habits. Parents and students lingered after the performance and enjoyed a sweet treat. Thank you to Mrs. Geddes and her students for the wonderful performance. What a lovely way to spend Thursday afternoon!

The library is hosting an “ILLUSTRIOUS LIBRARY LEADERS” identification contest all for our Grade 4 and 5 students. Students are invited to try to identify our somewhat disguised library volunteers in order to enter their names into a draw for prizes. We are grateful for, and proud of, the awesome students who give of their time each week to help keep our school library running top notch. We want to honour their efforts. As well, the purpose of this contest is to promote leadership through volunteerism! We will have to wait until after Spring Break to learn who the winners will be.

Friday wound down with a monthly assembly. Students enjoyed the featured presentation put on by all of the Grade 3 students. They presented Habit #4: Think Win-Win. The habit focuses on solving problems by listening to other people’s point of view and making compromises so everyone wins. The students did a great job illustrating the habit and their audience enjoyed the music and actions. Following the presentation, Mrs. Fischer refreshed everyone’s memory of the many great goings-on at SES this past month. It has certainly been a busy time.