Lots of memories created on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is a special time to thank all the special women in our lives.  This was accomplished in many homes on Sunday.

Vic Carey took Barb and the whole family out for supper at the Club Café buffet, had a good visit with all the kids and grandkids.

Richelle and Greg, Deanne and Arden and families spent the evening with Gloria and Stan. On Wednesday, Richelle brought Jinger over for her fourth birthday. Auntie Deanne, Eva and Ella joined them for a cupcake celebration.

Eleanor (and Frank) saw or heard from all on Mother’s Day, Neal came over in the morning, Frank took Eleanor to The Other Side for breakfast; then, it was over to Cecil and Pat’s where they saw the whole family.  Phone calls from Elva, Brenda and Bonnie topped the day.

Velvet and Fred joined all the family, kids and spouses and granddaughters for the Botha Brunch.  Joining them were Angela’s parents Charlene and Dennis.  Fred and Tom were busy topping trees in Gadsby on Saturday.  Looks good!

Joyce and Bill Hansel drove out to Erskine where Denee, Jason and Shaya took grandma Sandra out for brunch at the Erskine Grill. In the afternoon, Bill and Joyce had a visit from Calvin and Steph and their wee one Willow, who were on their way home to Red Deer, from Provost.  In the evening, Bill and Joyce took birthday cake over to help Abby Musgrove celebrate her 14th birthday.

And, I took Lorna Brown over to Points West to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom, Iona Berg.  They served a banquet brunch with many family members joining residents to make it a festive day.  Lorna and I drove out to Trail Creek

Nursery to pick up bedding out plants and enjoy the green houses. Then Barry and Lorna came out to the farm for supper; John and Jewel and girls over to Paulette and Percy’s for the evening.

Shayla Derr attended the 4H Selections May 1 – 4 in Olds, Alberta to compete for ambassadorship.  There were close to 120 4H members from all over east central Albert competing for “premier”, “ambassador” and other special trips.  Fifty percent is diary points and fifty percent in leadership, roll model, etc.  Shayla was one of two members who earned ambassador.  She will be heading to the North West Territories in August.

Meanwhile the Top Hand Award nominations for Big Knife 4H are in: for juniors, Bridget Skocdopole, intermediate: Keonna Derr and seniors, Shayla Derr.  And a reminder, the show and sale is coming up May 18 and 19.  Congratulations to all the above mentioned and good luck to all 4H participants 2015.