Lots of great history uncovered

In with the spring weather then comes the snow, in with the spring weather then comes the snow.


In with the spring weather then comes the snow, in with the spring weather then comes the snow. I think Mother Nature is undecided which is typical of March every year. The moisture is always welcome anyway, so I will tolerate it for a day or two but then it better get warm again.

Larry Anderson contacted me about his work on the history book. He has uncovered some great facts about the town of Rumsey, way back when. Did you know that Rumsey had at least two Chinese restaurants, a lawyer, a pharmacist and a bank at one time? There was also a hospital and doctor in residence as well. Do you know the location of that hospital? He would really like any pictures of any business in Rumsey from 1911 to 1960. It was common practice for the local farmers and ranchers to make their way into town on Saturday to socialize and shop. He has heard of pictures of main street lined with horse and buggy, wagons and teams so he would love to have a copy if someone has one or more to share. If anyone has group pictures, that would be great as well. Larry is also looking for a picture of the Rowley hotel as he has heard it was a much more handsome building than Rumsey’s hotel. If the owner of such pictures are willing to lend them to Larry, he will copy them and return them asap, or email them to me at l.anders65@gmail.com. Larry has also found nine of the original school district schools and eight of them survive to this day. Do you know where Stonehenge school ended up? Remember, for any submission, the deadline is June 30, 2015, but the sooner you can submit your stories, pictures, historical memorabilia, the better for the committee. Larry is also working on recognizing the centennial families in the area, so if you haven’t sent your info in about that, hurry up.

The mixed bonspiel was a great success with lots of teams enjoying a week of curling in town. The winners are as follows: First place in the first event went to Kent Holowath, in the second to Tim Primrose, in the third event to Justin Miller and the fourth to Mark McNaughton. Thanks to the Ag Society and all the volunteers who made this curling season come together and work so well. Thanks to the Ice makers/caretakers Tim Primrose and Brooks Watts for their many hours of taking care of the ice, general upkeep and, of course, that ice plant. On to spring we go with calves on the ground and seed in the ground and the Spring Fling up next on the Ag Society’s calendar on April 18.