Lots of friendship and family talk at SES

In the spirit of the season – Holding friendship flowers are (left to right) Bianca Brugman (kindergarten)

In the spirit of the season – Holding friendship flowers are (left to right) Bianca Brugman (kindergarten)


Elementary News

Yummy, yum, yum, d-e-l-i-c-i-o-us!

These are the only words to describe all the delicious treats that our great parents gave teachers last week during teacher appreciation week.

We are a very lucky and fortunate staff to have such caring parents. We are humbled by your show of appreciation. Thank you kindly for taking time out of your busy schedules to shower us with tokens of thanks throughout the week.

In this same spirit of giving, students at Stettler elementary took part in “planting a friendship garden” in the middle of winter to celebrate friendship and family. Each class received a heart. Teachers talked about friendship and family and the importance of being a caring person. Students then wrote their names on these hearts to show that they themselves will try to be a friend to others. Each grade then assembled the hearts to form a flower, hence the formation of a friendship flower. Each grade from K to 5 made such a friendship flower and put it up for display in the foyer. Our foyer is truly beautiful as the display cabinet is decorated in celebration for Canada day celebrations on February 15 and 16 when students will participate in Canada games activities.

At present we also have a pair of little sneaky love bugs leaving little valentines and friendship treats in students’ classes. Each class is getting a turn to help these little love bugs spread some sweet surprises to add sunshine to all students’ days. Our smart learning crew went and spread some smart learning sunshine in Edmonton this past week. Denyse Boyd, Sonya Geddes, Annette Hunter and Rachelle van Ringen presented Smart Learning at the AISI conference.

Grade 1students celebrated 100 days of school last week. Many of the students brought in 100 items to count; sort, weigh, and share (if it was a yummy treat). The students also engaged in different activities like taking 100 steps in different ways (also contributed to our Winter Walk Day), played games that had to do with all the numbers to 100, and did many creative writing activities. All grade ones had bracelets declaring they were 100 days smarter and colored 100 days crowns which they proudly wore.

Some of our older students continue to participate in the cup stacking club. After working very hard on learning and perfecting their cup stacking skills, the SES Cup Stacking Club has three current speed champions. Kalysta Miller (Grade 5) is able to do the 3-3-3 Stack, which involves 12 moves, in 3.53 seconds. Cassidy Dubber (Grade 5) is able to do the 3-6-3 Stack, which requires 16 moves, in 5.88 seconds. Kaden Feddema (Grade 4) is able to do the Cycle Stack, which is a whopping 50 moves, in only 13.30 seconds.

Congratulations girls, and keep up the good work!

Parents are welcome to come and look at the projects our Grade 5 Science Fair Club has produced. The Grade 5 will be standing in front of their projects on Friday, Feb. 18, from 1:10 – 2 p.m. in the hallways near the office. Our students have been working on these projects since November, and they are excited to show them off. Please come and share in the exhilaration of education.