Look Back – Crowd of 1,500 watches donkey baseball game

2000 – 10 YEARS AGO

• Two vacancies for physicians in Stettler have caused a critical situation for Stettler after Dr. Karia will leave at the end of September.

• A petition to call for more police patrols in Stettler has been initiated by Iain and Val Bell, who operate a local business and plan to present the petition to Town of Stettler council.

1990 – 20 YEARS AGO

• The local Big Valley Jamboree board has been working more than two years to develop a country music jamboree to parallel the hugely successful Big Valley Jamboree at Craven, Saskatchewan. The chosen site is west of the Village of Big Valley on the Red Deer River bluffs overlooking the Tolman Badlands.

• Dubois Family Ranch located north of Gadsby will host a three-day rally for horsemen on the Labour Day weekend. Riders are invited to participate in evening rides and campfires with poker rallies planned for Sunday and Monday.

1980 – 30 YEARS AGO

• John M. Brennen will not seek re-election as mayor of the Town of Stettler in municipal elections this fall. Mr. Brennen has served as mayor for 11 years and in that time, the town has experienced its greatest development and reached a population of 5,000 people.

• Big Country Rodeo will provide bucking stock for the fifth annual Gadsby Amateur Jackpot Rodeo at Hansens’ rodeo grounds. An open-air dance will be staged Saturday night.

1970 – 40 YEARS AGO

• Bill Streit Jr., well-known in bowling circles around Alberta, has returned to Stettler to take over the management of the recreation centre. Bill is chairman of the national youth bowling council.

• Big Valley’s current crime wave is continuing with both the local Red and White store and Bergs’ Variety being broken into and robbed, while garden raiding and petty theft are on the rampage.

1960 – 50 YEARS AGO

• Mrs. C.V. Richardson topped Stettler 27th annual flower show at Memorial Hall when she scored 65 points. The event attracted 268 entries as one of the best ever held here.

• Members of Stettler Figure Skating Club have been successfully passing their preliminary tests at summer school at Stettler Curling Rink. These include Sherry Lee, Marilyn Perkinson, Sharon Blaney, Sandra Steel, Donna Mae Capel, Penny Canadine, Diane Brodie and Arthur Apperly.

1950 – 60 YEARS AGO

• Back 20 years ago, the memorial cairn was built at Gadsby Cemetery at a cost of $20.40, with the work completed by the late William Reynolds. This cairn is inscribed with names of local soldiers who lost their lives in the first and second world wars.

• A crowd of 1,500 people attended the donkey baseball game between the Rotarian Rockets and the Kinsmen Klippers and they were treated to thrilling spills which were comparable to the best – or the worst – in the annual stampede.

1940 – 70 YEARS AGO

• There is a strong possibility that Erskine will have a dormitory for high school scholars this fall. It is something that has been needed for several years.

• While cutting a field of wheat near Byemoor, George McBride came across a damaged safety deposit box full of valuable papers. They had been stolen from the safe of Mr. Patterson of Craigmyle six weeks ago.

1930 – 80 YEARS AGO

• Severe hail storms at Rumsey destroyed a number of fine crops, killed livestock such as chickens, geese and even young pigs as many windows were broken. Some farmers had part of their wheat cut but the hail penetrated stooks and stripped leaves from trees.

• Stettler Theatre program for the month of September features pictures that are 100 per cent talkie and it is interesting to note that Fox and Columbia pictures are most prominent. Admission prices: Adults – 50 cents, students – 25 cents, children – 15 cents.

1920 – 90 YEARS AGO

• Bank of Toronto has settled into new quarters in the Home Bakery building across from the town hall and have the building nicely fitted up forth the purpose.

• What must be the most important event in a steers’ life is when he changes from an ordinary seven-cent-per-pound doggie on the range to a 28-cent-price at the butcher shop.

1910 – 100 YEARS AGO

• Cora Lynn is badly in need of an elevator, and there is no doubt that they will have one before too long. Within the last few weeks, 15 train cars of grain have been shipped from the station.

• Dr. A.R. Gilchrist, a graduate of Toronto University, has opened an office in Halkirk. There is still a splendid opening for a drug store.