Lockers are back at Wm. E. Hay school

By Jorgen Rangen

William E. Hay Composite High School’s modernization project is almost at a close.

Our students and teachers were ushered into a newly modernized academic wing when they returned to school in September this year. Students were especially excited to have their lockers back, after being deprived of this luxury last year. Since the start of the school year, all of the new classrooms are being furnished with new desks, chairs, and teaching tools; such as interactive smart boards and flat-screen TVs. There are some minor aesthetic details that remain to be completed, but we are hopeful that by the end of October all areas of our school will be fully functional.

Phase 4 of construction – the old library area – is currently being transformed into three math classrooms, a video-conference room, and a student gathering area. The weight room and the cardio-fitness room will be up and running by this time next week with brand new equipment.

Phys. Ed. Instructors and students alike are eager to test out the new fitness rooms.

Members of the public are more than welcome to come out and support the volleyball teams, and in doing so, check out our modernized balcony area and the new gym floor.

The Fine Arts Board hosted a coffee house, a monthly exhibition and celebration of music, art, dance, and drama. The next coffee house will be Oct. 29. Also, tickets for the Anne of Green Gables production will be going on sale in early November.

That’s everything for this week at William E. Hay, be sure to check back next week for an update from my partner, Justina Nibourg.